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 2NE1 is now in contract with AVEX

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PostSubject: 2NE1 is now in contract with AVEX   Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:53 am

Shieru, Bomb, Dara & Min aka 2NE1 Open Japanese Site and Sign with Avex

Back in August 2010, rumors about 2NE1 following the footsteps of their fellow YG brothers, Big Bang, in advancing into the Japanese music industry with a contract under their belts with Japan’s highly successful entertainment company, Avex.

It has just been confirmed that these rumors are in fact true, as Avex just recently revealed 2NE1’s official website under Avexnet, along with 2NE1’s official Japanese website, created by YG.

According to information on their website, 2NE1’s debut album in Japan is scheduled to drop this coming December 8th, along with an additional CD+DVD bonus album.

Congratulations to 2NE1 for their sweet contract, and make sure to follow allkpop as more news on 2NE1’s Japanese debut unravels!

Check out the two websites below.


Credits: CallMeDaydreamer & newevolutionofkpop + luigi @ ALLKPOP, @ygladies, : Avex Wiki

Japanese Profile at Avex

Already Avex's colorful president, Masato Matsuura, has already tweeted about our girls. A fan recently tweeted to him that "they love 2NE1 and that it was important that they mix the japanese style while maintaining the YG color." He responded with a reassuring "Of Course."
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2NE1 is now in contract with AVEX
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