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 What is 2AM’s Changmin Posing As?

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PostSubject: What is 2AM’s Changmin Posing As?    Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:10 pm

2AM’s Changmin recently posted a photo of himself onto his Me2day. But what was he posing as?Well if you haven’t guessed yet by the photo below, he is posing as the Statue of Liberty.Brush in hand and tissue box to chest he updated the following along with the photo,
“ㅋㅋ Statue of liberty impression!! Holding tissues and brushes hoping for a big hit for 2AMㅋㅋnow preparing for the filming of the 3D showcaseㅋㅋ”
Fans have commented “You will be a big hit!”, “hahaha oppa you are so funny”, “So sweet <3”,“omo haha look at your head haha”, and many more comments showing their love and support for 2AM and also having a little chuckle at him at the same time.2AM are set to release their new much anticipated album ‘Saint O’clock’ on the 26th ,keep glued to Kpoplive for further updates.
Source: 2AMChangmin@Me2day
Written by: Shefa0007@Kpoplive.com
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What is 2AM’s Changmin Posing As?
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