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 Jessica is jealous of F(x) Victoria

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PostSubject: Jessica is jealous of F(x) Victoria   Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:40 am

F(x)Krystal在某杂志采访展示了与成员维多利亚的深厚感情。F(x)KRYSTAL在杂志中说:“每当看见队长姐姐很辛苦的时候,就想去抱抱姐 姐.姐姐是我在这个世界上除了亲人最想保护的人。希望姐姐能健康,爱惜自己的身体。希望我能在姐姐伤心的时候安慰姐姐。当记者问到:杰西卡姐姐会嫉妒 吗?KRYSTAL则顽皮的说:“她已经开始嫉妒维多利亚姐姐了。KRYSTAL则顽皮的说:“她已经开始嫉妒维多利亚姐姐了。还对我说,呀!维多利亚是 你的亲姐姐吧!?


F(x) Krystal in a magazine interview shows member Victoria deep affection
In the magazine,

f(x) Krystal said: “Whenever I see leader unnie having a hard time, want to give her a hug.Besides my family, in this world, unnie is the person I want to protect the most.“I wish unnie can be healthy and cherish her own body. Wish I can be there when unnie is sad to comfort her.”

The journalist asks: Will Jessica get jealous?

Krystal naughtily said: She’s already beginning to be jealous of Victoria unnie.

@credit:Vic89 from soompi for english translations and info taken from winnie bar
@shared by Winda at iheartfx.com
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PostSubject: Re: Jessica is jealous of F(x) Victoria   Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:03 pm

τι γλυκοοοοοο!!! χαχα καημενη η Jessica lol!
Πόσο συμπαθώ αυτές τις αδερφές!!

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Jessica is jealous of F(x) Victoria
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