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 B2ST dishes on their first K-Chart win

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PostSubject: B2ST dishes on their first K-Chart win   Fri Oct 22, 2010 4:47 am

After a year since their debut, it seems like six membered B2ST are finally getting their break, all thanks to their 3rd mini-album, ‘Mastermind‘. Back on October 8th, B2ST received their first ever Music Bank K-Chart win for ‘Soom‘, and they are also scheduled to receive the ‘Asia Influential Artist‘ award at the ‘2010 Asia Song Festival’ this coming October 23rd.

It’s difficult for groups to distinguish themselves in a music industry where there are already an overflowing number of idol groups debuting on a daily basis, so for B2ST to be known as one of the top groups is a remarkable achievement in itself. With that being said, the members expressed that they were flabbergasted when they realized they had beaten the immensely popular 2NE1 on the night they won their first K-Chart.

“When we released our album, we actually felt more anxiety than anticipation. However, we were so happy when we achieved results that we didn’t even think we would achieve. That day on stage, right until our name was called, we weren’t anticipating anything, not even the tiniest bit. To think that we beat the amazing 2NE1…We were so shocked that we were lost for words. We were so happy that tears didn’t even come out.” (Lee Ki Kwang)

So what is B2ST’s secret? After a long pause, the members said, “I think people regard highly each of the six members’ charms.”

“Looking at us six members separately, we each have different talents and charms. It’d be fun to pick and choose (laughs). Since Yoseob is quite lively and gives off a mothering nature, he has a lot of female fans. Dong Woon is conservative and quiet, so he doesn’t seem like the maknae – people gave him the nickname ‘Son Grandpa’ (laughs). Hyun Seung is known as the 4-D kid – a bit dorky. When you look at Junhyung from the outside, he looks serious and blunt, but he’s very affectionate and takes care of the members well. Ki Kwang can pull off the ’stupid’ image easily (laughs), he’s an innocent child. I guess we could say Doojoon is the masculine leader? He has the charisma to lead the team.”

“In contrast to other idol groups, I think we show very kind images off stage. People say that when they meet us, they feel like they’re talking to a close brother or friend. Also, I think many people are taking interest in us for being able to display both our singing and dancing abilities.” (Lee Ki Kwang)

Of course, B2ST did not build up their popularity on their own: a lot of the contribution came from their fans. The members did not forget to express their gratitude toward their fans for helping the group reach to the top.

“Even though we always emphasize our thankfulness to our fans, we feel it’s never enough. We didn’t even know this, but the fans have been doing good deeds under our group’s name, and when we release new albums, they organize their own promotions as a way to expose us. They also never spare their compliments. We always find strength from our fans’ support. We might not be able to meet you as often, but if you leave a message through our Twitter or minihompys, we’ll reply back (laughs).” (Son Dong Woon)

“I still haven’t forgotten the time when the fans collected and sent in school supplies while I was on the program ‘Danbi’. I thought, who could have possbily sent all of this? I was so happy from the amount of love I didn’t even know I received. I will repay it back with good music.” (Yoon Doojoon)

“We heard that the fans made blue cushions, towels, and even pens once our album was released. The amount of devotion really shocked me. Also, news articles about our album or posts on open boards receive a lot of positive comments, so we thank you for always looking over us and supporting us.” (Yang Yoseob)

A difference about the group that has to be mentioned is the amount of effort they have been showing ever since their debut. B2ST produced their 3rd mini-album, ‘Mastermind’, during all the spare time they had throughout their last set of promotions, and continuously adjusted the final edit of their title track, ‘Soom’, until it hit perfection. Even for their choreography, they modified the dance to the point where it was a completely new dance every time. The ballad song they revealed before their album release, ‘Clenching a Tight Fist’, also helped B2ST reveal a new side of themselves, besides their usual powerful and masculine concepts.

“We have a great desire to show our different and constantly developing images. There are people who think that we won’t be able to pull off sincere songs, since we only ever show lively performances. Ever since our debut album, we’ve always added in ballad tracks, and even in this album, we sang another ballad. Our team’s goal is to showcase our diverse voices, and not settle for just one color.”

For their final words, B2ST clenched their fists and stated that this was only the beginning of their prosperous career. The members expressed, “We are always working hard and never forgetting our rookie mindsets. You could still consider us as toddlers. The beginning only starts now. Please keep looking over our developing selves, as we become a group that commands the stage.”

Source + Photos: Kuki News
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B2ST dishes on their first K-Chart win
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