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 SISTAR on their training and newfound fame

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PostSubject: SISTAR on their training and newfound fame   Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:17 pm

If you asked a random person on the street what date SISTAR debuted on, they’d most likely tell you that they don’t know. What if you asked them when they started to become interested in SISTAR? They’d most likely tell you that it was after watching MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships” for this year’s Chuseok festivities.

Bora won the gold medal for women’s 100m race, 100m hurdles, and 4×100m relay, skyrocketing SISTAR to fame, and earning the group the nickname, “Track Idols”. Probably no one ever thought of an idol group rising to fame through such unique circumstances, but SISTAR has managed to do just that amongst the fierce competition of girl groups in today’s industry.

However, they didn’t become idols by just sheer luck. The members averaged at least two years in training experience, along with an intense training period of two months, before their “Push Push” debut in June. Hyorin stated, “We’d go out at 10 AM and receive individual lessons. Then we’d eat chicken breast for dinner at about 5 or 6 PM and start rehearsal again until the next morning.”
Bora continued, “We always practice wearing high heels, so our feet our constantly swollen and bruised. Whenever we have to put them back on the next day, I want to just run away from the situation.” Maknae Dasom revealed a situation where she wanted to run away as well, stating, “We’d rehearse all night and return to our dorms when everyone else is going for work. I’d lay in bed and think about having to wake up again in a few hours, which made me afraid of getting up again (laughter).”

The girls also revealed themselves to be perfectionists. Hyorin claimed she was still upset over losing on SBS’s “Challenge 1,000 Songs“, while Soyou felt worried over not being able to satisfy the adults that attended their events since they sing pop songs over trot.

Bora also reminisced over her “Athletics Championships” wins by commenting, “At first, I just entered the competition not thinking much, but after passing the preliminaries, I started thinking that I wanted to do my best and get SISTAR’s name known since our company is small and only has us to rely on.”

Source + Photos: 10asia, allkpop

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SISTAR on their training and newfound fame
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