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 Wonder Girls spice it up at Pivot Conference 2010 in New York!

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PostSubject: Wonder Girls spice it up at Pivot Conference 2010 in New York!   Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:06 pm

The Wonder Girls took to the stage this evening, but the occasion definitely wasn’t your typical music show: as guest performers at the Pivot Conference, the five ladies performed their hottest tracks to an audience of over a hundred brand marketers, business associates and more at Times Square in New York City.

What was especially interesting about this marketing conference was that it featured the Wonder Girls not simply as pop icons but as a model global brand. As Park Jin Young (JY Park) was part of the conference as a keynote speaker, the quintet’s performance was also a presentation of JYP Entertainment’s success in creating an international pop sensation.
Titled “Dinner and the Wonder Girls,” the business casual event drew over a hundred hungry attendees for an evening meal and live music. While a personal dinner with the Girls sold for 20 million won (~$20,000 USD) back in 2007, business associates and Pivot attendees received the opportunity to dine with the ladies’ stage performance as a bonus to attending the conference. Before the performance, staff distributed a number of high quality press kit booklets featuring fourteen pages of JYPE artist photos, notable articles in American media, lists of partnerships, endorsements & awards, company statistics and more.

An hour into the meal, the lights dimmed dramatically and the chatter subsided as a video was projected onto the screens in the front with the familiar tune of Nobody growing in the background. “Without further ado, here they are: the Wonder Girls!” Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls exclaimed in the video, followed by a montage of clips of fans ranging from Brazil to Norway performing the Nobody dance. As the video faded, the Girls stepped onto the stage without skipping a beat and gripped the audience’s attention with an upbeat performance of 2 Different Tears. Although they were a little off at the beginning due to technical difficulties, the Girls bounced right back after thirty seconds for an energetic performance. After performing So Hot and Tell Me, the ladies wrapped up their twenty minute performance with a friendly dance tutorial and, of course, Nobody.

Okay, let me back up for a second: because all of the chairs in the room had been filled, the area in front of the stage had transformed into a crowded little picnic area for attendees that had filtered into the performance late. Although it was amusing to see adults in business attire watching a pop music performance while cross-legged on the floor like kindergarteners, it was even more of a spectacle to hear members of the audience cheering and exclaiming fanchants to every song. There were definitely a few Wonderfuls who had attended the conference solely to see the Wonder Girls so this was probably their doing, but who knows – maybe some new fans blossomed out of this performance too!

For exclusive photos of the Wonder Girls’ performance at the Pivot Conference, head over to our brand new photo gallery .HERE
Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears [Pivot Conference]


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Wonder Girls spice it up at Pivot Conference 2010 in New York!
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