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 BEAST, "The MR removed clips had actually become a benefit for us"

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PostSubject: BEAST, "The MR removed clips had actually become a benefit for us"   Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:17 pm

BEAST, who had gained popularity with the powerful dance song ‘Shock’ in the beginning of the year, had now be hitting a ‘continuous home run’ with the title song ‘Breath’ off of their 3rd Mini Album.

Recently on KBS2 ‘Music Bank’, they had placed first and was able to rise up on top for the first time on a main broadcasting network last week. The song ‘Breath’ has an electronic funky husky sound and was composed by Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Kyusung, and Rado. The orchestra and the piano sounds in the background add in the calm mood while the drum beat add in a rock feel. Since the song contains a change of different genres, it doesn’t get tiring to listen too. The powerful performance and vocals from ‘Shock’ and ‘Mystery’ had gotten a much more stronger and sophisticated. It is clear from this the reason why they were able to reach so high in a year since their debut.

The vocal ability in an idol group is regarded as one of the vulnerabilities. However, this was not the case for BEAST. Their ‘MR removed’ clips on the internet had given people the time to re-evaluate them as an idol group. The netizens who have seen BEAST’s clip commented, “Even though their dance routine is rigorous, they can still sing well.”

BEAST stated, “People who saw the clips praised us and said that we did well. From that, we were able to raise our confidence on stage. It is true that we benefited a lot from that. We were given a chance to be renamed as a group with good vocals.”

In the song ‘Breath’, the part Yang Yoseob, the main vocal, sings stands out the most in particular. In the bridge of the song, he digests the high note with an explosive adlib and this is enough to win comments like, “he has the best vocals out of the idol singers.” When we asked him if the high parts were overwhelming, he stated the importance of practice and care.

“It was so overwhelming that I had practiced until midnight with the tips from my vocal teacher. I think practice is the only path to live. Of course I took care of my throat as well. I didn't drink any coffee, cola, and other drinks with caffeine in case it was overwhelming for my throat and kept my neck warm at all times. I didn’t even go near alcohol or cigarettes.”

BEAST had also talked about the strange episode regarding the issue of having the same title as the new title song from the female group Miss A titled, ‘Breathe’.

“There were some people who asked us if we decided to title our song in Korean instead of English because of Miss A. However, the original title of the song was ‘SOOM’ (Breath). Even we were surprised hearing that Miss A’s new song was titled ‘Breathe’. Hahaha.”

Since a year of their debut, BEAST fancafe had increased to 130,000 members. When we asked about their popularity strategy, they stated, “We try our best to move closer to the fans so that they won’t feel the distance between us.” Meanwhile, they had the expression on their face that showed in the future, they will want to become a group that gets acknowledged for their skills and will be able to compete with their sunbaes and hoobaes.

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BEAST, "The MR removed clips had actually become a benefit for us"
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