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 Wang Biho takes on miss A, Park Jin Young

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PostSubject: Wang Biho takes on miss A, Park Jin Young   Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:21 am

miss A were a part of the audience for the KBS 2TV’s “Gag Concert” on October 17th and caught the eye of comedian Wang Biho.

Wang Biho acknowledged their presence by asking, “Why look what we have here, isn’t it 2010’s best girl group, miss A?”

He continued by singing a line of their recent release, “Breathe,” and suddenly began breathing heavily. Wang Biho commented, “Anyone can tell that this song was composed by Park Jin Young.”

When the crowd blinked in confusion, he began imitating the ’breathing dance’ from Rain’s “It’s Raining“, a song also composed by Park Jin Young.

Wang Biho continued throwing the darts of his criticisms to Park Jin Young, despite miss A being the guest. “Does Park Jinyoung have asthma or something? Why is he always choking on his breath? He composed Rain’s song and made him choke on his breath, and he has done it again. Why is he always doing that?”

He turned back to miss A and complimented them, saying, “miss A is amazing performance-wise.” However, with typical Wang Biho bite, he continued, “For their first album, they laid around and did the splits. This time, they’re doing handstands. What’s next? Are they going to jump through fire hoops with lions and pull cars with their teeth? They’re the Kim Byung Man of the music industry!”

Source + Photo: TV Daily

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Wang Biho takes on miss A, Park Jin Young
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