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 B2ST sits down to a heartwarming interview with TV Report

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PostSubject: B2ST sits down to a heartwarming interview with TV Report   Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:02 pm

The members of B2ST recently came together for an interview with TV Report in order to talk about their recent achievements and their upcoming activities. Despite garnering much success with their comeback song “Soom“, the boys expressed humble and thoughtful responses. They also demonstrated a strong determination to reach the top with their fans.

It’s been a year since you’ve debuted last October with “Beast Is the B2ST.” What do you feel are the differences between the past and the present?

Dongwoon: “I thought my heart was going to burst a year ago when we first stepped on stage. Now, I’m just as excited as I am nervous. Still, I’ve become a lot calmer since then – I think about the songs and performances I’ve been rehearsing for months that I wanted to show.”

It hasn’t been that long since you returned with “Soom”, and already you’ve managed to take first place in a public broadcast program. Did you predict such a hot response?

Doojoon: “We didn’t expect it at all – all of us were surprised. We were just as glad as when we debuted on “M!Countdown” and won for the very first time… It’s definitely because of the love and interest that our fans have been giving us.”

B2ST is one of the recent boy bands that has made clear advancements and improvements. Do you consider anyone your rival?

Hyunseung: “We debuted on the same day as MBLAQ, so we heard a lot of people talk about us as rivals, but our music styles are different so we’re more friends than we are rivals.”

Members Doojoon and Kikwang make frequent appearances on variety programs. Do the other members not have enough talent for variety shows?

Doojoon: “The members have already shown off their talent through MBC’s “Idol Maid”. Everyone has a variety of skills such as singing, dancing, writing, and composing. We’re trying to find different paths for them which properly utilize those skills to their benefit.”

Your new album is being released in November, along with a concert set for December. Do ever feel upset in not being able to live the life of a young adult due to your busy schedule?

Hyunseung: “It’s disappointing when we miss our friends and family, but I believe that we earn that much more. It’s a profession I chose with much determination so I have never ever once regretted having to go up on stage to dance and sing.”

You have nonstop activities planned up to next year. What kind of determination do the members have now as they stand before the starting line?

Dongwoon: “We’ll be running without rest until the new year. We have only just turned over one page of a very long book. Watching our fans show us so much support just makes us want to work that much harder. We’ll be running with our fans by our side in order to turn over another page.”

Source + Photo: TV Report

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B2ST sits down to a heartwarming interview with TV Report
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