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 4Minute to perform in China for 'Hallyu on Halloween'

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PostSubject: 4Minute to perform in China for 'Hallyu on Halloween'   Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:08 am

During the autumn-winter season, the Dinosaur Park in Changzhou, China, will be holding 2 concerts for the 'International Music Gala', one of which is the 'Hallyu on Halloween' concert. 4Minute, Super Junior M and ex-H.O.T member Jang WooHyuk will attend the gala. Concert details are as follows:

Date: 29th October - 31st October (estimated to have 3 sessions)
Park opening hours: 9AM - 10:30PM
Venue: Low platform in front of Dinosoar Centre
Ticket Price (entrance after 7PM): Single - 100RMB each | 3-in-a-group - 240RMB
Concert time: 8PM - 9PM

4Minute will be the performers on 30th October while Super Junior M and Jang WooHyunk will take time off for the sessions on 29th and 31st October respectively. The description of 4Minute on the official promotional poster is as follows:

New generation idol group 4Minute is the first girl group with purely girls born in the '90s. The group members possess independent singing capabilities and top notch dancing skills with strong individual style. Nam JiHyun's classiness, Heo GaYoon's elegance, Jeon JiYoon's charisma, Kim HyunAh's wildness, Kwon SoHyun's calmness - 4Minute's members of 5 different styles intersect to make the group shine.

Those who order their tickets early may get a free limited edition autographed photo of an idol picked at random.

R/N: The words below JiHyun's picture read "Journey of Changzhou Dinosaur Park", the smaller words are "year 2010, 30th October"

There is also a contest called "Love for your idols, shout it out!" as the best fan video clips submitted will be edited into a video and played during the concert for the various idols to watch. The videos will also be given out to the idols in hardcopy.

Sources: 17u + cnkly
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4Minute to perform in China for 'Hallyu on Halloween'
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