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 Jo Kwon and Kim Tae Won share commonalities

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PostSubject: Jo Kwon and Kim Tae Won share commonalities   Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:24 am

Jo Kwon and Kim Tae Won share commonalities

On the October 14th episode of Mnet’s “Beatles Code“, 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Boohwal’s Kim Tae Won discovered that they shared quite a bit in common.Jo Kwon and Kim Tae Won were the latest guests on the show, where they revealed interesting confessions. Jo Kwon shared, “My waist size is 26, and there is no need for me to shave since my mustache never grows.” In response, Kim Tae Won also revealed, “That goes for me too, and whenever I purchase shaving cream, it takes me more than two years to use all of it.”Both men are also lean in physique. On the show, a photo of Kim Tae Won before he lost 30kg (66lbs) was exhibited, which surprised many of those on set. Kim Tae Won explained how he had lost so much weight, “In 2AM Changmin’s case, he lost 30kg after dieting. But for me, I lost weight because I was sick.”
Source + Photos: Nate

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Jo Kwon and Kim Tae Won share commonalities
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