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 2NE1 Role Models

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PostSubject: 2NE1 Role Models    Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:23 pm

On cable channel Mnet, “WIDE VIP” will air on the 13th at 8PM. It will show us 2NE1′s debut days as well as recent videos .

When they were asked who their role models were, Park Bom picked Beyonce. Park Bom likes her because of her “powerful vocals and brilliant performances” and she said that she wants to become a singer like Beyonce.

Maknae Minji said “I like Rihanna but as my role model, Michael Jackson”. She said “The charisma that he has makes people tear when he is just standing”.

Sandara Park picked Uhm Junghwa “She always shows us a fresh and new side of her and this fascinates me.”

CL picked Teddy from 1-TYM, a YG Entertainment group. She said “As I live and want to see and become like someone, it would be Teddy Oppa”

Source: Mnet, Nate News
Article translated by: 21kristine @ygladies.com

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2NE1 Role Models
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