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 INFINITE’s Sunggyu and SISTAR’s Soyu are a couple?

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PostSubject: INFINITE’s Sunggyu and SISTAR’s Soyu are a couple?   Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:42 am

Rumors have been swirling about INFINITE’s Sunggyu and SISTAR’s Soyu being an item.

The truth? Not exactly, although Sunggyu and Soyu did indeed have a romantic experience on MBC’s “Every1’s Children of the Night“.

On this week’s episode, three members of INFINITE and SISTAR guest-starred on the show. Most of them knew each other already, so the filming wasn’t very awkward.

However the familiarity between two specific members have been raising eyebrows, as Sunggyu handed Soyu an ice-cream he had prepared and said, “You are my ideal type and I’ve been a fan of yours.” He wooed her by singing “Nothing Better” and grabbed her hand afterwards.

Soyu responded by saying, “I’ve also been a fan of INFINITE.” The other guests and MCs said, “Isn’t this the first official idol couple?”

Nothing is official yet, but perhaps this is a couple in the making.

But what about 4minute’s Jiyoon, whom Sunggyu expressed his love for (in the same manner) when INFINITE was on “MBC’s Bouquet” in the past few weeks?

The episode is set to air on the 14th.

Credits: http://www.allkpop.com


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INFINITE’s Sunggyu and SISTAR’s Soyu are a couple?
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