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 BEAST Members Use What Kind of Phones?

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PostSubject: BEAST Members Use What Kind of Phones?   Sat Oct 09, 2010 9:53 am

Ever wondered what phones the BEAST boys use? Well wonder no further, it seems as though the boys have formed two teams, the ‘iPhone team’ and the ‘Galaxy S team’.

Team iPhone team members are Doojoon, HyunSeung and DongWoon and team Galaxy S are Junhyung and Yoseob, leaving Kikwang on his own with his Samsung Anycall phone, as he does not really bother and is much too busy to change phones. The boys revealed that Kikwang is not very updated on the technology side whilst the others are obsessed with latest models out.

The boys have chosen Junhyung as the first one to start off the smartphone craze, JunHyung even bought the iPhone3G at first and had made fun of Yoseob for buying the Galaxy S, but as time went by he quickly changed the phone to the Galaxy S due to the call quality.

So now you know, after busy schedules in the day, they most probably kick back whilst they check for articles or they are either updating their statuses via their special phones, they could even be using them now.

Source: Sports khan
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BEAST Members Use What Kind of Phones?
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