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 “WG By Wonder Girls” Takes Over Singapore

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“WG By Wonder Girls” Takes Over Singapore Empty
PostSubject: “WG By Wonder Girls” Takes Over Singapore   “WG By Wonder Girls” Takes Over Singapore EmptySat Oct 09, 2010 9:03 am

“WG By Wonder Girls” Takes Over Singapore Wgbywg

Wonder Girls is taking another step to reach out to international fans/cosmetic users. Besides launching their house brand cosmetics, WG By Wonder Girls, in Korea & Thailand, Singapore is the next stop to has its products launched.
Teaming up with AquaRose cosmetic series, a wide variety of products has been introduced into the market, ranging from make-up series to facial cleansing products.

Lucky Singapore fans of the Wonder Girls, Singapore’s very own cosmetic company Beige Beauty has been the authorised dealer to bring in these products from Korea, over to Singapore.

“WG By Wonder Girls” Takes Over Singapore Wgbywondergirls_singapore

Check out some of the products below, personal favourite would be the WG by Wonder Girls AquaRose Soya Cleansing Foam (Retail Price: $59.90) from the facial cleansing series. Using all natural ingredients, it helps cleanse the pores while smoothens your skin, leaving a non oily feeling on the surface. Best of all it is non-comedogenic suitable for sensitive skin types.

“WG By Wonder Girls” Takes Over Singapore Wgbywondergirls_singapore-7

Also check out the make up series, the BB Cream (Retail Price: $69.90 each) is really the thing to die for. Each tube has the member’s name printed on it & obviously, each caters to the different needs of the user. Yubin’s Confidence BB helps to conceal acne scars & wrinkles, it also contains SPF45 to help block out the sun when you’re out.

“WG By Wonder Girls” Takes Over Singapore Wgbywondergirls_singapore-9

While Sohee’s is a water-based BB Cream, to reduce oil on the face while concealing those marks on the face. Lim’s is an unique “highlighter” BB Cream, it creates a unique shine on the face, creating a radiant glowing glittery feel. Perfect for girls.

source: kazaf10@wonderfulsworld
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“WG By Wonder Girls” Takes Over Singapore
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