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  HyunAh too sexy for her age?

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PostSubject: HyunAh too sexy for her age?   Sat Oct 09, 2010 1:53 am

Recently, an inspection was carried out by the National Assembly regarding the sexual nature of minor idol groups. Footages of ministers and congressman with shock expressions upon viewing videos of such groups performing in sexual choreographies are seen on SBS’s “One Night In TV Entertainment".

An Young Hwan, being the congressman, invited three company CEOs as witnesses, to make an appearances at the argument. However, only GP Basic’s CEO, Park Kiho was seen. An Young Hwan, before the insepection, also expressed that although the ages of girl groups are young, their performances were becoming more sexual.

Video clips of 4Minute’s HyunA (18), miss A’s Suzy (16), f(x)’s Sulli (16), T-ara’s Jiyeon (17), and GP Basic’s Janey (12) were presented at the inspection. This had led to a series of shock and unexpected faces displayed by the congressmen.

In addition to this, Park Kiho, CEO of GP Basic was inquired on whether his girl group members were receiving the proper education and attending school. He defended his members by expressing, “They’re taking all of the necessary courses along with promoting the group. We, as the company, also felt that they were talented enough to debut them despite their young ages.”

All in all, i would like to open this post to all respective views of 4Nias and how do you think 4Minute's CEO will react if he was part of the inspection. Feel free to share your thoughts!

Source: Allkpop
Reporting+Editing: iLoveHyunaaa@4-minute.com


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HyunAh too sexy for her age?
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