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 The Boss chosen as fixed panelists for Japanese variety program

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PostSubject: The Boss chosen as fixed panelists for Japanese variety program   Fri Oct 08, 2010 11:08 pm

Male group, The Boss, has been chosen as fixed panelists on a live Japanese variety program titled “MADE IN BS JAPAN.”

“MADE IN BS JAPAN” is a program that introduces fashion from all over Asia, including Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and others. The Boss will be appearing every Monday as special MCs in TV Tokyo’s 7Studio and will be watched by an expected 30 million people.

It’s only been a month since The Boss headed over to Japan and many Japanese industry representatives have expressed their surprise at the rate that they are growing, stating that it’s usually not common for rookies to be given such an opportunity.

The Boss’s Japanese management, Digital Adventure, commented, “The producers of ‘MADE IN BS JAPAN’ believed that The Boss would be perfect as MCs to deliver information on Korean culture to the viewers. They received a cast offer immediately.”

The members are currently busily studying Japanese in order to appear on more broadcasts. “We’re still rookies but seem to be looked upon favorably. We’ll work hard to make sure that we live up to the special MC title and to make our country proud.”

Source + Photo: MyDaily


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The Boss chosen as fixed panelists for Japanese variety program
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