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 The reason why 2NE1 is loved? “Because they are not only beautiful..”

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PostSubject: The reason why 2NE1 is loved? “Because they are not only beautiful..”   Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:43 pm

2NE1 came back with their 1st Album and it is immediately sold out.

Even before, their debut has been a hot topic for throwing challenges at the song fields, different from other girl groups. And they have been loved by women. What is the reason why they are loved?

2NE1 walks on a road different from your typical beautiful, sexy, lovely groups. But they show off a different meaning of beautiful on stage when they are at it. They are not lovely on stage rather, it is powerful like a ‘male idol group’ and strong.

The strong sound and their stage performance captured the female fans. Their clothes get into the news, the style becomes trend, and high popularity is obtained.

However, the concept of 2NE1 is to differentiate itself from other girl groups and raised to work high up like a mountain. From the beginning they are stressed as ‘talented’. Do not forget their duty as a singer, their singing skills during the performance, not showing half-hearted performances. Everyone has been captured by their charisma and their strong vocals, gaining lots of fans.

The last reason of their receiving a lot of love of why every word and need get into the news is exactly how they show their other side. The stage presence and attitude is different to their private life which is cute.

Especially Sandara Park who is updating and exchanging messages with the fans through the net. From her current status to the events of other members, she keeps updating. 2NE1 charisma is not only for “show”.

Girls group is of course lovely like a doll is beautiful. However, the star who shows only a beautiful appearance is not attractive, unless it shows your true self behind your flaws and how you correct it. The reason for the star whom the fan wishes is that it is “Professional tempered with a human appearance”.

Source: k-pops.jp/news/
Translated by: DARAcoercion@daragon-hideout.com
Taken from: ygunited.com


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PostSubject: Re: The reason why 2NE1 is loved? “Because they are not only beautiful..”   Sat Oct 09, 2010 12:20 am


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The reason why 2NE1 is loved? “Because they are not only beautiful..”
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