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 BEAST, “If we were to be on Superstar K2, we probably wouldn’t have made it to top 11″

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PostSubject: BEAST, “If we were to be on Superstar K2, we probably wouldn’t have made it to top 11″   Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:28 am

BEAST opened up their mouths regarding the recent interest these days, ‘Superstar K Season 2’.

In the recent Newsen interview with BEAST, they stated, “We enjoy watching ‘Mnet Superstar K 2’,” and added, “We can even do the impression of some of the people on the show.”

Placing first as the Friday night variety show, ‘Superstar K2’ captures the competitions between the top 4 including Jang Jane, John Park, Heogak, and Kang Seungyoon. Anything related to ‘Superstar K’ tends to be a issue of the public.

“There are more talented and skilled people compared to the season 1. This isn’t just including the top 11, but all the people who made it. When we are watching the TV at our dorms, we even tell ourselves, ‘If we go out there, we wouldn’t even make it to top 11’.”

Jang Hyunseung is close friends with Gil Hakmi who had ranked as top 3 in the first season and had debuted officially as a singer. These two people who met at church in the school days, they are close enough to attend midnight prayers and cry for each other.

“Since I saw her on TV, I called her and asked why she was there. She was usually the quiet kid with long hair, but on the show she had on a dark makeup with a short cut hair. I even saw her crying and praying about why she doesn’t get a chance every time she didn’t get in an audition. I wish the best for her.”

BEAST, who had appeared in October 2009, had already met their one year of debut. Fans have been gathering money and donating to good use in BEAST’s name in order to celebrate the one year of debut. “Looking at some of the posts the fans made, there are posts that read ‘BEAST don’t come in here’, but we actually look at everything. (Laughs) We are really thankful. However we just act like we don’t know it.”

For BEAST, looking back at the year that they ran through has additional meaning for them. In one voice, the members stated, “The year went by in a blink of an eye” and added, “Because of the fans cheering for us, we are here today.”

“I have a lot of luck in finding help. I have gotten a lot of help as well. I hope that we get to be better and I want to be better to everyone. I think that the reason BEAST was able to grow was thanks to the good people.” (Yang Yoseob)

“Being a singer, I think I was able to meet more people and grow more mature as a person. I will hope to get more mature later on. Of course not the face, but the heart. I wish I can be a person always capable of becoming better.” (Son Dongwoon)

“I been dreaming of becoming a singer since I was little, but it was harder than I thought. But I have no regrets. There is still a long way to go.” (Yoon Doojoon)

Meanwhile, BEAST 3rd album ‘Mastermind’ title song ‘Breath’ is attracting a lot of attention.

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BEAST, “If we were to be on Superstar K2, we probably wouldn’t have made it to top 11″
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