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 Did Yenny gain weight?

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PostSubject: Did Yenny gain weight?   Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:38 pm

Recent pictures of the Wonder Girls have been receiving a lot of buzz on the online bulletins.

The Wonder Girls recently had a performance on October 3rd for the Los Angeles Korean Festival. Because the girls have been inactive for so long, fans have expressed their excitement for the show. Yet as it turns out, netizens didn’t care so much for the show as they did on the girls gaining a little weight.

Netizens focused particularly on Ye Eun, who was wearing a corset made out of blue jeans material. Worried comments such as, ‘How did you gain weight so suddenly?’ and ‘Did you get stressed a lot?’ flooded the topics.

In response to this issue, JYPE expressed, ‘The clothes that Ye Eun wore makes the body look larger.‘

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Did Yenny gain weight?
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