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 Invincible 2NE1 Stays On Number One: Songs Still Immensely Popular

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PostSubject: Invincible 2NE1 Stays On Number One: Songs Still Immensely Popular   Tue Oct 05, 2010 6:54 am

Sung Shi Kyung, Miss A, Beast, and several other singers made their comeback stages and debut stages recently. But that wasn't enough to stop 2NE1's charisma from emerging.

On the last week of September (September 26 - October 2), amidst the comebacks and debuts, Soribada's weekly chart showed that 2NE1's "Go Away" firmly stayed as Number One for three consecutive weeks. Armed with their powerful performances, edgy styles, and amazing charisma, best girlgroup 2NE1, claimed the top spot ever since their comeback. And they don't show signs of letting up. The other two songs that made up 2NE1's three-title-song-comeback, "Can't Nobody" and "Clap Your Hands" also occupied spots in the Top Ten, shocking many with 2NE1's unusual yet successful promotions.

Sung Shi Kyung, known as the "Prince of Ballad" has made his comeback with a duet with popular solo artist, IU. Sung Shi Kyung and IU sang the excellent ballad, "It's You," making fantastic harmonies over the sad story of love and separation. The song is currently second on the chart. Lim Jeong Hee is also another ballad singer making her comeback, this time in a duet along with 2AM leader, Jo Kwon, with "On The Road to Breakup." The song is full of lamentation and sadness, and now ranks number 5.

Miss A, is also in the charts with their song, "Breathe" which climbed to number 4. The group debuted in July, with their hit single, "Bad Girl, Good Girl" which stayed in the weekly chart's number one position for four consecutive weeks. Meanwhile, idol group B2ST is also back with electronic dance music song, "Soom (Breath)" which showcased their strong and tough image. B2ST now ranks 8th.


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Invincible 2NE1 Stays On Number One: Songs Still Immensely Popular
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