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 [SCANS & TRANSLATIONS] 2NE1 on Young Entertainment Magazine

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PostSubject: [SCANS & TRANSLATIONS] 2NE1 on Young Entertainment Magazine   Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:52 pm

Since their debut track <FIRE>, they have been filled with immense popularity, to which their music videos attracted more than a million views online. It seems like fans were anticipating more of 2NE1 after their <NEW EVOLUTION> album, but the 4 of them suddenly ‘disappeared’ for more than a year! In that year, 2NE1 has not been lazing around, they were waiting for their comeback day to arrive. And now, 2NE1 is back with their first full length album <TO ANYONE>….

ABOUT new genre
2NE1 have received a huge amount of support after their debuting stage, proving their skills. Their popularity rises even when there were various groups currently promoting themselves! Through the eyes of music producers, 2NE1′s success does not depend on luck itself, it is of their ever changing music genre, which stood out from the rest. That is why 2NE1′s success has a reason. Now that 2NE1 is back with their new album to meet the fans after a year of disappearance, “We have used the previous year for comeback preparation, it includes a lot of break through, like improvements from us, as well as a much more mature and prepared self to make our comeback!” And because of this comeback, they chose to promote 3 title songs at the same time, showing the fans their different looks and style.

ABOUT new style
The return of 2NE1, not just an album, but also the style behind the album is important. This time, 2NE1 shows off their fierceness and beauty together. Sandara Park said, “I can finally take pretty photos!”, showing her happiness towards the new style for them. 2NE1 had been going with the less feminine look straight from their debut, where skirts on them were hardly seen. “Not just skirts, but also laces on the ends, I hope everyone will see that not just 2NE1 improved, but also the styles on us.” They will be having a turning point towards maturity in this second year of promotional activities, giving a whole new meaning to charming. “We want to show everyone that 2NE1 is not just another group in a square box… but also to give the feel of different fashion styles.”

ABOUT new feel
Anticipating the excitement, happy yet nervous for them, this was how the fans felt and 2NE1 themselves. The moment before going up on stage, the 4 girls only wished to perform it well, but they had 4 different emotions during then. “To show ourselves again after a year, it is also our full length album for the first time, I am really nervous! Even when we were practicing, my whole body shivered. But once we went up the stage, the feeling was good!” This was how Sandara Park felt after their comeback. Not just her, CL felt the same way too, “During our practice, we performed as if there were audience in front of us, putting in effort to practice. The comeback stage might make us feel nervous, but I was thinking of how I can make the stage more fun.” Different from the elder members, the youngest Minzy showed her overflowing excitement, “This is our comeback after such a long year, therefore I am excited more than being nervous, I will put in extra effort to perform well!” 2NE1 will definitely work hard, “I have a small small wish, because we will be striving hard to reach perfection, I hope the fans will anticipate about it!” Have you heard the small wish from Park Bom!

Scans by: Miseremei @bigbanghaven.blogspot.com
Translated by: Aoiare @21BANGS.COM

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[SCANS & TRANSLATIONS] 2NE1 on Young Entertainment Magazine
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