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 Sistar's Fancafe Faces Change To Support "Superstar K2" John Park

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PostSubject: Sistar's Fancafe Faces Change To Support "Superstar K2" John Park   Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:59 am

Supposedly, the girl group SiSTAR's fan cafe is being switched to support 'Superstar K2' John Park has been transformed into controversy.

The Sistar fan cafe was being operated as a portal site until café operators stated on September 21:

"As of today, this SISTAR fan cafe will be changing into a John Park fan cafe. The members that would like to leave may leave. The team of ‘Pure John Park’ will be working hard from now on."

John Park does have an official fan cafe, with many Sistar fans apart of the site. The two fan clubs altogether gathered more than 1,000 netizens. Suddenly, without any discussion, especially from the operator of the fan cafe, the change has been speeding up discontent among netizens.
Netizens left comments on John Park's fan cafe stating, "All of the members at ‘Pure John Park’ are SISTAR fans. Even their posts are about SISTAR", "We must wait for Naver’s response.."

Meanwhile, the sporadic self-formed agency sided with the Sistar fan cafe to take any position, but admitted the situation was definitely going to happen.

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Sistar's Fancafe Faces Change To Support "Superstar K2" John Park
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