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 Fans angered with SISTAR fancafe changing to John Park’s

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PostSubject: Fans angered with SISTAR fancafe changing to John Park’s   Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:33 pm

The owner of SISTAR’s fancafe has come under fire for switching over to supporting “Superstar K2” contestant John Park.

On September 21st, the admin of SISTAR’s Naver cafe made an announcement to its members stating, “As of today, this SISTAR fancafe will be changing into a John Park fancafe. The members that would like to leave may leave. The team of ‘Pure John Park’ will be working hard from now on.”

SISTAR fans have been showing their anger towards the sudden change, questioning how a true fan could change so easily. Once fans found out that “Pure John Park” was even listed under John Park’s official fancafe, the level of anger escalated.

John Park’s official fancafe, “God Bless John,” left such comments like, “All of the members at ‘Pure John Park’ are SISTAR fans. Even their posts are about SISTAR“, “We must wait for Naver’s response“, and “Are they going to change their fancafe when they find a new star to like?”

Other netizens disagreed with the sudden change as well, commenting, “They’re being utterly ridiculous,” and “It’d be easier to make an entirely new fancafe.”

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Fans angered with SISTAR fancafe changing to John Park’s
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