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 2NE1 in the next 30 years

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PostSubject: 2NE1 in the next 30 years   Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:31 pm

The members of 2NE1 have recently been introduced as the “girls that know how to have fun.” The nickname stems from their powerful performances and unconventional style, both being a clear indication of their difference from other girl groups.

After coming together for an interview, Dara commented on the nickname by stating, “We look aggressive on stage, but we’re actually quite gentle once we come down.”

2NE1 also revealed that their name wasn’t always set to be 2NE1. The two names their agency was deciding over were “Yang-ssa’s Children” and “Tsunami.” Although the name 2NE1 eventually settled the debate, the girls mentioned that they could’ve had quite a comical name.

While talking about their CEO, Yang Hyunsuk, 2NE1 stated, “We still don’t know how to carry ourselves around him. We’ve only ever ate with him once as well. The day after our first comeback stage, we went straight into our rehearsal room with him and spent a very nervous time as he checked over our choreography.”

When asked where they saw themselves in thirty years, Minzy answered, “I’ve never actually considered myself a star yet.” Bom added, “I still feel like my dream is so far away. We have to run harder to make sure we improve our singing and performances.”

The other members all nodded their heads to CL’s next statement, stating, “In 30 years, I hope that we age along with our music. We may be walking separate paths, but I’d love it if we could get together once in a while and hold a concert under the name of ‘2NE1.’ No matter what we do, we won’t be leaving music...”

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PostSubject: Re: 2NE1 in the next 30 years   Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:03 pm

χαχα!! πιστέυω ότι σε 30 χρόνια θα συνεχίζουν σν 2NE1 !!! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

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2NE1 in the next 30 years
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