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 B2ST to release part 2 of “Mastermind” in November

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PostSubject: B2ST to release part 2 of “Mastermind” in November   Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:16 am

B2ST’s CEO has personally revealed that B2ST has much more in store for fans in the coming months. A special second installment of the “Mastermind” album, which will consist of entirely new songs, is in the works, as is B2ST’s first concert, which is currently set for December.

He wrote:

“B2ST’s 3rd minialbum is not just a simple comeback, but something that holds so much more meaning. B2ST has managed to succeed with just their talent alone after overcoming prejudice and hardship, much like a ripened grain that has gone through a summer of both sunshine and storm. It’s your support and love that has become their foundation, enabling them to become acknowledged.We will now be showing the two biggest plans that await B2ST as they stand before the starting line of their adventures.

If the ‘Mastermind’ released on September 28th and 30th is considered part 1, another part of it will be released in November. Part 2 is not just a simple repackaged album, but will consist of entirely new songs. We are working hard to make sure that the two albums properly capture the charms of the six members of B2ST.

Secondly, B2ST will be holding their first ever concert on December 12th. Since every moment spent with B2UTYs is precious, only the greatest performances will be prepared. Please come together for B2ST’s special stage.

With the doors of ‘Mastermind’ just now opening, we hope that this becomes an autumn, and a year worth remembering. Thank you.”

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B2ST to release part 2 of “Mastermind” in November
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