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 B2ST prepares a surprise for fans at fan meet

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PostSubject: B2ST prepares a surprise for fans at fan meet   Sat Oct 02, 2010 9:39 pm

After coming back with “Soom,” B2ST held their first fan signing for their 3rd album on October 2nd and performed a special guerrilla concert for their fans.

The popularity of the members was astounding as fans gathered early in the morning waiting for the members. B2ST responded with grateful, bright smiles and unending fan service.

B2ST stated that they were upset in not being able to see their fans often and came up with a surprise, on the spot decision to let each of the fans come up and take personal photos with the members.

Despite having a busy schedule booked right after the fan signing, B2ST and their agency representatives alike pushed everything aside in order to make sure that each of their fans were able to receive a precious, meaningful gift.

B2ST’s “Mastermind” managed to sell 10,000 copies two days after its release, bringing the group to the top of the charts for the second half of 2010.

The boys will also be performing their ballad track, “Clenching My Fists,” on the 3rd at SBS’s “Inkigayo.”

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Proud mother of the forum

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PostSubject: Re: B2ST prepares a surprise for fans at fan meet   Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:08 pm

Eilikrina 8elw na shkw8w na fugw kai na paw sth Korea twra!

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B2ST prepares a surprise for fans at fan meet
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