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  Hangeng's fan sign session in singapore

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PostSubject: Hangeng's fan sign session in singapore   Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:37 am

Arriving in Singapore on 30th September, Hangeng had quite an amount of events& radio shows to attend to.

One of the event was the fansign session held today at Lot 1.
After some basic introductions, Hangeng expressed some thoughts on his trip to Singapore. & the host once again prepared the fans to surprise the idol on stage by singing to the song, Love's Wings. As one of his wish,which he expressed on the radio show the day before, was to sing this song with his fans as it was a gift from his fans some years ago.

Singing the fan written song together with the fans, Love's Wings.

After that there was a game session with the fans where the winner gets to walk away with a signed poster of Hangeng's Concert promotions.

1.What is Hangeng's shoe size?
A: 42

& as the fans all screamed the answers, Hangeng just threw the poster towards the crowd for the next 2 questions.

2. Hangeng held up his album & asked, "What's the title of the album?" Whose album is this?"

3. What's the last song in the album?
My Logo

After the short interation, they started the fansign event. As Hangeng was only going to be there for 1 hours, most fans without the showcase tickets did not manage to get their albums autographed as there was a priority queue for those with tickets. Causing many fans to walk away disappointed.

& i shall end off with some pictures taken at today's fansign.

Credit: Linda @DKP
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Hangeng's fan sign session in singapore
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