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 Another BoyBand, BEAST going to Japan!

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PostSubject: Another BoyBand, BEAST going to Japan!   Fri Oct 01, 2010 4:38 am

Another Korean artist group is coming to debut in Japan. This time “BEAST” will be debuting.

BEAST will release a special item in Japan only on November 24th. They quickly have decided their debut. The first press limited edition/Premium Edition will contain their music videos and a documentary of their first time in Japan in September 2010.

Girl groups like SNSD and KARA have been nothing but popular in Japan’s K-POP Boom, and just the other day 2PM announced they would have their debut in Japan as well. Moreover, BEAST’s Japanese debut CD is released on November 24th, the same day as 2PM’s debut. We can’t keep our eyes off these “beasts” debuting in Japan.


BEAST “BEAST-Japan Premium Edition”
Released On: November 24, 2010

First Press Limited Edition (2CD+DVD): UMCF-9559
4,200 yen (~50 USD)
Includes: 2 Music Videos & Documentary Video from their first time in Japan in July 2010
A random individual trading card and a B5 Poster
A note so you can enter a lottery and win an autographed colored paper

Regular Edition (2CD) UMCF1046/7
2,800 Yen (~34 USD)
A random individual trading card and B5 poster
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Another BoyBand, BEAST going to Japan!
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