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 B2ST to hold first solo concert in December

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PostSubject: B2ST to hold first solo concert in December   Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:19 am

Leaving fans with no breath, boy band B2ST returned with their exciting third mini album ‘Mastermind’, and have started promotions with title track ‘SOOM(숨)/Breath’.

With their popularity overflowing, the group can now be called one of Korea’s representing idols. But how can you call them that when they didn’t even have their own concert yet?

That’s right. It has just been revealed that the boys will be holding their very own solo concert this year!

A representative from their company told OSEN, “It will be held on a very large scale. The concert will be so entertaining that you won’t keep track of time. We already have many ideas flowing through our heads. The members are waiting very much.”

The concert will be he held on December 12th at the Jamsil Stadium.

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B2ST to hold first solo concert in December
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