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 BEAST's Lee Kikwang advices 4iminute on 'Surviving in the Va

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PostSubject: BEAST's Lee Kikwang advices 4iminute on 'Surviving in the Va   Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:11 pm

BEAST's Lee Kikwang advices 4iminute on 'Surviving in the Variety World'

Lee Kikwang, who is currently rising as the variety idol star, advised
4minute members in ‘Surviving in the Variety World.’

Recently, 4minute members ran into BEAST’s Lee Kikwang who is a ‘close
group’ to them in the hair shop while recording for SBS E!TV ‘4minute
All In.’

4minute asked for advice from Lee Kikwang who is a sunbae to them in
terms of the variety world as he’s also risen to the national idol title
while being active amongst variety programs. Lee Kikwang said to
4minute, “Variety is timing” and “If a member says something funny, you
have to hold back your comment for a moment.” He emphasized that in
order for you to have air time, you shouldn’t talk at the same time as
the audio will be overlapped.

Lee Kikwang said that even though there’s a funny story being told, if
the audio is being overlapped, you’re high in risk of being edited out
as you have to hold in your story to get air time.

On this day, Lee Kikwang showed a different image than his goofy self as
he didn’t hold back his genuine advice to 4minute members and as a
friend of 4minute members, they said “From all the moments we’ve seen
from him, this was the most amazing” as they didn’t hold back their
compliments in seeing a professional side of Kikwang.

Meanwhile, 4minute rising as the nation’s idol and their progress will
be shown through ‘4minute All In’ on the upcoming 20th at 12AM on SBS

CREDITS: ReviewStar (SOURCE); seoulfoood @B2ST RISING (TRANS)

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BEAST's Lee Kikwang advices 4iminute on 'Surviving in the Va
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