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 BEAST's Lee Kikwang advices 4iminute on 'Surviving in the Va

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PostSubject: BEAST's Lee Kikwang advices 4iminute on 'Surviving in the Va   Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:57 pm

BEAST: American Aunty Dongwoon & LA Grandmother Junhyung .. Big reveal of their ID Cards

The Residence ID photos and the Drivers' License Application ID photos of the BEAST members were revealed, becoming a topic.

the sixth episode of MBC Every1 'Idol Maid' on August 25th, BEAST had
attempted the Drivers' License test. On this day, the BEAST members who
were to do a written test, had their Resident ID Photos, that could be
considered a standard for past photos, revealed for the first time.

out of the group, Son Dongwoon, who was nicknamed 'Male God' as
expected looked amazing in his picture for his Resident ID card.
Subsuquently, the Resident ID photos of Yong Junhyung, from his high
school days, looking like the 'Neighbourhood playful oppa', as well as
Lee Kikwang, who had looked like he had just waken up, bearing a swollen
face, Jang Hyunseung, who during his trainee days had long hair, as
well as youthful looking Yoseob were revealed.

Also on this day,
the BEAST members took instant ID pictures that they would be sticking
on their application for the drivers' license test. Son Dongwoon who had
confirmed his Male Godliness through his residence ID card, appeared
nervous hearing that they had to take an ID photo for their Driver's
License Application and broke out laughing.

In the end Son
Dongwoon gave up his sideburns and shot an extreme-looking application
photo. After seeing this, Shin Bongsun was surprised and exclaimed "He
looks like an American aunty."
Jang Hyunseung's photo, with his long
hair tucked behind the ears garnered him the nickname "Russian aunty",
and for Yong Junhyung, with his hair parted in the middle, received the
new nickname "LA Grandmother", causing much laughter.

on this day, the BEAST members who had challenged the written drivers'
license examination all passed however Yong Junhyung scored the lowest
and took a confirmation shot to prove it. He was punished with the shock
of the fans. After the broadcast ended, Yong Junhyung revealed the
confirmation picture he shot during the broadcast and became a topic.


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BEAST's Lee Kikwang advices 4iminute on 'Surviving in the Va
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