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 The reason BEAST apologizing to fans!

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PostSubject: The reason BEAST apologizing to fans!   Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:52 am

The reason BEAST apologizing to fans!

BEAST's Doojoon apologize to fans in twitter, while Yoseob also apologize to fans in YOZM(T/N: Something like Korean twitter). BEAST Singapore fanbase has tweeted the reasons of the situation!

From : BEAST Singapore Fanbase
Annyeong! B2UTIES, that are a few of you asking us why Yoseob apologise to fans on yozm , and doojoon's tweet~

what we know, we heard that B2UTIES bash and scold them especially on
Yoseob's yozm that BEAST is too "good & intimitate with one of the
emcee in Idol Maid.." But well, B2uties, you know that some variety show
is scripted, even BEAST themselves can't control. However b2uties
scolded them, and Doojoon had to ensure b2uties it's only boardcast in
his tweet & Yoseob have to apologise to fans in Yozm.

Because of that , Yoseob & Dongwoon close down the diary section in their Cyworld. We felt upset hearing this.

from what we know, the number of their fans drop since after this
happened... We felt really upset. Cause we know that they care bout

Let's Hope that fans will stop bashing them, and understand how they feel!

Credits : B2STSG @ Twitter

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The reason BEAST apologizing to fans!
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