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 Lee Kikwang's sad face

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PostSubject: Lee Kikwang's sad face   Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:40 am

The only person who couldn't rise up from MBC TV Sitcom 'High Kick through the Roof' was Lee Kikwang?

Idol group BEAST's member, Lee Kikwang chats about how he couldn't rise up in fame from 'High Kick through the Roof'.

the MBC variety program 'Hot Brothers'. broadcasted on the 25th, a
'self-reflection' time was arranged for the members (Park Myungsoo, Kim
Gura, Tak Jaehoon, Simon D, Park Hwisoon, Lee Kikwang, Han Sangjin,

Lee Kikwang had said "I was casted in a sitcom. Hwang
Jungeum had risen up. Shin Sekyung has risen up too", he began to
reflect. He then said "It's my turn", and after warming up, he continued
"I can't rise up.", causing the studio to erupt in laughter.

also said, "I was casted in Hot Brothers. Amongst the brothers, my face
is the smallest. But my height is also the smallest". He also expressed
his sorrow for his disgraceful(?) height of 168cm.

Behind him,
the members started gossiping "He's a sad fellow." "The kid actor has
even risen up how is it only you that can't rise up", causing the
viewers to erupt in laughter once again.

Also interest gathered
over this day's episode, as Lee Kikwang dresses up as the character
Michael and was put into embarrassing situations, slowly showing his
image as a rising variety program star.


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Lee Kikwang's sad face
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