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 BEAST’s Doojoon uploads a picture of ‘baby Yoseob’

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PostSubject: BEAST’s Doojoon uploads a picture of ‘baby Yoseob’   Sat Jul 10, 2010 12:01 am

BEAST’s Doojoon uploads a picture of ‘baby Yoseob’

BEAST’s Doojoon just seems to enjoy taking pictures
of his fellow members sleeping.

A few days ago, Doojoon uploaded a photo onto his Twitter
of ‘baby Kwang’ (Lee Ki Kwang) in sleeping mode.

The sleeping series continues with a picture of Yoseob this time!
With the words “Baby Yoseob” along with the photo, Yoseob
could be seen cutely sleeping on a sofa with his body slightly curled

As cute as this picture may be, a lot of fans were worried by how
busy and exhausted he must have been to fall asleep wearing his stage

Netizens have commented, “Please upload the baby series of the
other members”
, “He really sleeps like a baby”, “Cute, but I
feel bad for him.”

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BEAST’s Doojoon uploads a picture of ‘baby Yoseob’
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