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 Introduction Rules! (ΔΙΑΒΑΣΕ ΠΡΙΝ ΚΑΝΕΙΣ POST)

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Proud mother of the forum

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PostSubject: Introduction Rules! (ΔΙΑΒΑΣΕ ΠΡΙΝ ΚΑΝΕΙΣ POST)   Sat Jun 12, 2010 7:05 am

Oi kanones einai aploi kai eukoloi!!!
Ka8e neo melos mporei na anoigei diko tou topic kai na susthnetai!


[b]Favourite group:[/b]
[b]General info:[/b] (You can write whatever you want)

Opoios 8elei mporei na mpei na dei gia paradeigma ta topic twn admins!
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Introduction Rules! (ΔΙΑΒΑΣΕ ΠΡΙΝ ΚΑΝΕΙΣ POST)
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