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 There was rain and then came the rainbow

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PostSubject: There was rain and then came the rainbow   Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:18 pm

Want to know more about “RAINBOW” ?

After several years of training, 3 member changes and appearances in music videos such as SS501’s “A Song Calling For You”, “UR Man” and “Love Like This” and A’ST1’s “Dynamite”, DSP Entertainment introduced the 7 vibrant member girl group named Rainbow to the K-Pop world in November 2009. Some fans knew of the group back in 2008 due to their “A Song Calling For You” appearance and SS501’s self promoting the girl group on radio, but not much concrete information was released until that time.

The girls that were officially decided to make up the group were appointed leader Kim Jae Kyung, Go Woo Ri, Oh Seung A, No Eul, Jung Yoon Hye, Kim Ji Sook and maknae Cho Hyun Young. Of all the members, Woo Ri was the most mysterious at the time due to the fact that she was a sudden addition to the group replacing original member Min Ji Hye. Seung A was another change that took fans by surprise as she had always been known as Se Mi leading up to debut.

The other two previous members of Rainbow were Lee Joobin and Jang Ji Soo. Joobin who starred in “A Song Calling For You” was a fan favorite during Rainbow’s trainee days
and is often credited for creating their original fan base. She remains in touch with the girls and even modeled for SS501 member Park Jung Min’s store Royal Avenue & brand Lapin Carrot. She left Rainbow because she decided singing isn’t her interest and wanted to remain a student. It is known No Eul remains intouch with Ji Hye and Ji Soo still. Not much is known on why these two left. Recently, Ji Hye joined the twitter world.

The group name Rainbow was originally made up by fans and was later backed up by SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong because he said their original group name was too difficult to say. SS501 members and Rainbow have always shared a very special bond with one another going way back to their trainee days.

Rainbow officially made their debut through the music video “Gossip Girl” on November 12th. Their “Gossip Girl” mini album soon followed with 5 tracks “Not Your Girl”, “Gossip Girl”, “Kiss”, “I Believe” and “I’ll Hold It In”. Of the tracks “Kiss” was written by SS501’s Jung Min and “I’ll Hold It In” is often confused as a track song called “Let’s Put It Up”. Rainbow’s group name is meant to represent the seven different colorful type of personalities the girls have.

The members official colors are as follow:

Red: Jae Kyung 
Because leaders in Power Rangers and Fresh Man wore red and she always bought stuff in red.

Orange: Woo Ri 
To show her freshness.

Indigo: Seung A 
Because she looks a bit unapproachable and somewhat innocent at same time.

Blue: No Eul 
To show her cool side.

Violet: Yoon Hye 
Because of her mysterious feel.

Green: Ji Sook 
Because of her personality.

Yellow: Hyun Young 
For a chick (literally for her age/fact she’s the maknae).

Rainbow’s first performance of “Gossip Girl” occurred on November 14th’s edition of “Music Bank”. After performances and concerts, appearances on variety shows lead by Jae Kyung & Yoon Hye, visits to radio programs that was highlighted by a appearance on SNSD leader Kim Taeyeon’s “Chin Chin”, a special performance on “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” and their 2 part own self-introduction show on “MTV24” in December 2009, Rainbow began the start of 2010 with their follow up song “Not Your Girl”, a reply song to SS501’s “UR Man”.
January of that year also highlighted Rainbow doing a special performance of Jewelry’s “One More Time”, Jae Kyung appearing in a cover of “Mickey” with T-ara’s Jiyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin, 4minute’s HyunA and SeeYa’s Soomi and Rainbow appearing on SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun’s “MBC Game’s Becoming a Pro-Gamer” and “RockU”. The “Not Your Girl” promotions lasted into February as Rainbow continued to make appearances on various variety & radio show programs and appeared in the MBC “Star Dance Battle” by performing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and on “U-Kiss Vampire”.
It was towards the end of February that things began to slow down for Rainbow. After making a appearance at SS501’s Persona Encore Concert by performing “Kiss” with Jung Min, the group started to go into a semi-hiatus. They would make various appearances on shows like “1,000 Song Challenge” with Jae Kyung & Hyun Young and as a group on “Echo House”, but things became extremely slow.
Member Seung A however landed recurring gigs during this downtime on MBC ESPN’s “F1 Grand Racing Derby” with U-Kiss’ Eli while also acting on “People Who Seek Laughter”. Acting has always been a passion of Seung A’s since she used to be in theatre plays during her younger years. Jae Kyung once made a appearance on “People Who Seek Laughter” earlier before Seung A while Seung A would also go on to make various appearances on KBS “Sponge” herself later on.
April marked the beginning of Ji Sook’s appearances on Super Junior’s Kim Heechul’s radio program “Young Street.” It was always a dream of Ji Sook’s to become a DJ and/or MC. Young Street would go on to be the beginning of her dream as she is now a fixed regular on the show every Tuesday with Heechul and Defconn unless scheduling permits her to do so. More of her dream would come true later on.
The biggest news to come in April however was that this is when Rainbow first entered the twitter world and took all of our hearts. On April 17th, it was confirmed by Prismatic 7 staff that Jae Kyung had a twitter and a storm soon followed as the rest of Rainbow joined! Some of us have been blessed enough to have been able to interact with Rainbow on twitter. Jae Kyung, Woo Ri, No Eul & Ji Sook even follow the Prismatic 7 twitter! This was later topped by two visits from Jae Kyung herself to the forum!

During the month of May, leader Jae Kyung & maknae Hyun Young did a duet song called “I Love You, I Like You” for the Call of the Country OST. Rainbow also made a special trip to Japan to do a showcase on former A’ST1 member Tomo’s Japanese program “Seoul Train”, which later aired in Japan. The girls got a chance to showcase their solo talents during this event as well (Seung A did BoA’s “Valenti” and Ji Sook did Alicia Key’s “If I Ain’t Got You” as examples). Tomo was delighted to be reunited with the girls and they enjoyed a short stay in Japan while recording for a series that would air later on.
May would also go on to feature Rainbow performing “Gossip Girl” at the Dream Concert with Triple S (SS501 fans) and Kamilia (Kara fans) supporting and cheering them on as well as Rainbow performing at various universities which was capped by their cover of SS501’s “Because I’m Stupid.” Rainbow went on to attend the opening of Royal Avenue to support Jung Min with Hyung Joon while Jae Kyung got to appear in an episode of “Let’s Go Dream Team!” on a different date.
The biggest news in May for Rainbow fans though was when Y-Star announced that Seung A and Ji Sook would become MC’s for a brand new Top 10 countdown show about all sorts of Korean Entertainment. This show airs every week on Saturdays.

During the World Cup in June, Rainbow performed “Gossip Girl”, “Not Your Girl”, “Oh! Pilsung Korea” with 2AM and Uhm Jung Hwa’s “Festival” at cheer festivals for the Korean football team. Yoon Hye also tweeted daily during the games with cute commentary and cheers.

In July, Rainbow received their own segment on Japanese show BS11 Hanlove called “hanlove girls” (part of which was recorded in Japan as mentioned above, rest set in South Korea) and Jae Kyung landed a recurring role in a music drama skit on new show “Honey Pot”. She has acted alongside various K-Pop artists such as Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Mighty Mouth’s Sungmo, DJ Doc’s Lee Ha Neul & Z:EA in these skits and appears weekly on the program unless scheduling permits so. This show airs every Sunday.

Beginning in April and the months that followed, rumors and even hinted signs of Rainbow’s return appeared, but it wasn’t until a official announcement by DSP Entertainment towards the end of July that fans would know that Rainbow would finally be returning to the stage with a new song after a six month hiatus. Fans discovered that Rainbow would be releasing a digital single called “A” in August. The music video was soon released on August 12th and Rainbow returned to the K-Pop scene on the August 13th edition of “Music Bank” with “A”.
August also featured Rainbow receiving their own 4 episode show on Y-Star called “Special D-Day Rainbow”. The series gave fans a chance to learn the girls, get a closer look at their dorm (first seen in MTV24) and all the things they did to prepare, leading up to their comeback. It aired every Saturday until it’s conclusion. Paired with Hanlove Girls, these two programs introduced to fans how lively Rainbow really are and captured their hearts. Rainbow also became one of the first groups ever to have two different series of their own air in South Korea and Japan at the same time.

In the end, August lead to Rainbow finally being more noticed as “A” began to popularize the group more. Rainbow was finally able to achieve chart rankings (despite being a digital single) and appearances on more popular programs such as “Star Golden Bell” (In which Jae Kyung & Yoon Hye danced to Kara’s “Mister”) and “Star King” as their scheduling grew compared to their “Gossip Girl” promotions. Hyun Young made a little buzz over a video of her singing Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” and a appearance on Shim Shim Tapa gave fans a chance for a little Rainbow & Kara time. 

Earlier in the year, Rainbow had a chance to be around Kara on 3 different programs, but interaction hardly occurred so it was a nice treat for some fans to see them alongside Gyuri on Shim Shim Tapa. Kara had also sent Rainbow a bouqet of flowers with a encourging message of support before the August 15th broadcast of “Inkigayo.” On the same day as Shim Shim Tapa, all of Rainbow appeared on Young Street as well.
September began with things looking even more brighter for Rainbow. Jae Kyung, Seung A and Ji Sook were the MCs for the September 2nd edition of Mnet M!Countdown, Jae Kyung and Ji Sook visited Shim Shim Tapa again and appearances on bigger name television and radio shows continued to come up. Woo Ri received her own backstage online series for rappers called ‘Go Woo Ri’s Star Making “Hip Hop Class”’ and Ji Sook started to become a regular weekly fix on Park Kyung Lim Starry Night Radio.

Rainbow did hit a bit of a snag on September 8th when it was announced that their “A” choreography was ban and had to be changed, but the girls should manage through it. The ban did not stop the girls from being listed in the Take 7 for Inkigayo’s September 12th broadcast. This put the girls in consideration to win for their very first time in their history. Though Rainbow did not win in the end, Korean netizens responding and voting Rainbow in because they felt the ban was a injustice to the group showed that the group has came far enough to be noticed and loved by many. 

After the Take 7 moment, Seung A & Woo Ri appeared as special MCs on September 16’s edition of M!Countdown. “A” promotions officially ended after the September 18th broadcast of Music Core, but Rainbow still went on to be appear in a special Chuseok episode for Flower Bouquet (Jae Kyung won the Miss Harvest title) and competed in the Chuseok Idol Star Competition with various other K-Pop groups and will continue to show up on various television and radio programs.

credit to
PRISMATIC FORUM (Rainbow’s international fan forum)

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There was rain and then came the rainbow
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