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 2NE1 wins double Mutizen awards on Inkigayo!

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PostSubject: 2NE1 wins double Mutizen awards on Inkigayo!   Sat Sep 25, 2010 10:18 pm

With SBS’s ‘Inkigayo‘ back with its weekly broadcast, today’s nominees of Take 7 were F.T. Island (‘Love Love Love’), 2NE1 (‘Go Away,’ ‘Can’t Nobody’, and ‘Clap Your Hands’), Wheesung (‘Even Thought Of Marriage’), SISTAR (‘Shady Girl’), and Miss $ (‘What Have You Done While Growing This Old’). Wheesung couldn’t perform today due to an indefinite circumstance.

Additionally, due to Inkigayo being pre-empted last week for the ‘Hallyu Dream Concert‘ broadcast, 2NE1 received their belated Mutizen award this afternoon.

For this week, 2NE1 topped all nominees, as they also won today’s Mutizen award with their song ‘Clap Your Hands’, which marks their second in a row! This is their fifth win since their comeback, as they already won once on ‘M! Countdown‘ and twice on ‘Music Bank.’

For those of you who didn’t know, 2NE1 has won an award for each of their title tracks, ‘Clap Your Hands’ (on M! Countdown), ‘Can’t Nobody’ (on Music Bank), and ‘Go Away’ (on Music Bank).

Congratulations to the girls!


2NE1 win


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2NE1 wins double Mutizen awards on Inkigayo!
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