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 Hiphop Village and 1TYMers are angry at OneDay fans' use of black

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PostSubject: Hiphop Village and 1TYMers are angry at OneDay fans' use of black   Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:15 am

Hiphop Village and 1TYMers are angry at OneDay fans' use of black

The color black is 1TYM and Hiphop Village's symbol.

1TYM : Teddy, Oh Jinhwan, Song Baekyung, Danny - Debuted1998 November 28th ~ ing
To give a simple explanation because this is a group that people in their 10s might not feel familiar with, as soon as they debuted in 1998 with a song called 1TYM, they won 1st place right away, then after, received a lot of love with their publically appealing music- One Love, Qaegina Ching Ching (T/N: Onomatopoeia for a sharp ringing/banging sound), Without You, Hot Hot, that people in their middle-late 10s probably had heard at least once. Now are taking up activities as a highly successful producer. (Almost all songs from 1TYM 2,3,4,5th albums, Se7en Lalala, I know, Passion, 2NE1 Fire, I don't care and most songs, commercial song Lollipop, Taeyang Only Look at Me, Wedding Dress, Prayer etc., more than 10 songs of Bigbang's, Gummi's I'm sorry, etc. written). The first or the 1.5 generation or the people who went to the 1TYM concert would've seen the unnies who were emitting a dark vibe with black balloons and black bandanas ^^;; Those unnies were from Hiphop Village, who'd stuck with 1TYM for over 12 years. Between each albums, there was a long waiting period, and we're also going through an indeterminate waiting period now for the 6th album, but they are people who will always stick together without disbanding.
Black balloons and black handkerchiefs (bandanas) are Hiphop Village's (1TYMer) main cheering equipment. It's a color we've protected for over 12 years after debut. Even a roup's fandom that has 'BLACK/BLAQ' inside the name could not use this color. No group could use it other than 1TYM, and there won't be in the future as well. Please stop using black balloons without permission, 2PM Hottests and 2AM I Ams, right away. Two years ago, the color you took saying that you'd change it soon, and that you'd use it just temporarily without any discussion whatsoever, has become the new official color for you. We cannot just stand there and watch as it has come to the situation where people are using senseless excuses like pearl black and black are different. 1TYMers, please use your strength so we can really welcome our people when they come back with their 6th album by protecting our own color by ourselves. Also, I request that other fandoms accurately acknowledge this fact.
Black is the symbol 1TYMers and Hiphop Village has protected for over 12 years.

CREDITS : Daum Tellzone (SOURCE) ; JinaStar@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)

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Hiphop Village and 1TYMers are angry at OneDay fans' use of black
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