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 2AM's Official first Japan visit got big cheers

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PostSubject: 2AM's Official first Japan visit got big cheers   Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:12 am

2AM's Official first Japan visit got big cheers

The Korean Music Festival 2010 was held at Sapporo on September 18 and at Tokyo on September 20 to celebrate the Japan-Korea cultural exchange meeting held annually, sponsored by the NPO Corporation. 2AM and Sistar came on stage at Tokyo, making this their first official Japanese visit.

2AM is the first one to get on this Korean and Japanese stage. 2AM has been getting attention in many Asian countries, which is why they got loud screams when they started.

After all of these performances was 2AM's last and closing stage. The male quartet was attracting attention as the "best
rookie group" from 2008. Finally, they are performing in Japan.

These enthusiastic four men appeared to sign their debut song "This Song", receiving a massive response from the audience. 2AM continued to perform their hits, "A Friend's Confession" and "Like a Fool". Soon after, leader Jo Kwon said that "he loves Japanese fans". He had it written in a piece of paper in Hiragana because he was nervous and had failed to memorize it beforehand. Unfortunately, the other members got impatient, so they eventually spoke in Korean until their next performance.

In addition, they announced an impromptu dance that Jo Kwon is known for in the Korean variety shows. It shocked Japanese fans but still received laughter and big cheers from the audience.

Under the friendly atmosphere, 2AM finished their 'talk corner' to chat with the audience. They performed several other songs before saying goodbye.

Japanese fans will be waiting earnestly for 2AM to come back.


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2AM's Official first Japan visit got big cheers
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