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 2ΝΕ1 perf at music ban + win !!

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PostSubject: 2ΝΕ1 perf at music ban + win !!   Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:23 pm

Μιά εκπληκτική performance των 2ΝΕ1 στο music bank!!
Mε το ξεσηκωτκό τραγούδι Go Away ακόμα μία φορά κερδίσανε !!
Toυς αξίζει το βραβείο!! ΜΠΡΑΒΟΟΟ!!!

from all kpop τα παρακάτω

Music Bank kicks off this week with some fabulous performances due to M! Countdown being canceled yesterday. Although BoA’s follow up performance was the talk of the K-Pop scene for the day, the show was filled with several spectacular performances!

In the end, it was 2NE1 who stole the show with their second consecutive K-Chart win over Wheesung again on this week’s Music Bank! Congratulations!


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2ΝΕ1 perf at music ban + win !!
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