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 YG Entertainment uploads performances of 2NE1 on YouTube

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PostSubject: YG Entertainment uploads performances of 2NE1 on YouTube   Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:59 pm

I’m sure many international fans have been getting frustrated with YouTube deleting performances by their favorite K-pop artists due to copyright issues.

There would be performances uploaded the day the stage was performed, but it would be deleted a few days later, giving you no chance to watch them again. For videos that you were successful in finding, it would be low-quality images that you had hard time seeing comfortably.

Well, one of K-pop’s biggest agencies, YG Entertainment, is finally doing something about this issue.

YGE has uploaded 2NE1’s first three comeback performances on Inkigayo into 2NE1’s YouTube channel. Unlike the low-quality performance videos you have regularly seen, these are all high-quality (HD) videos.

If you guys remember, on September 14th, it was reported that SBS and YouTube would collaborate to delete all SBS related videos.

This means that YGE and SBS have come to a deal, by the latter giving the right to the former to upload performances from Inkigayo.

With YGE taking the action to upload 2NE1’s performances on YouTube, it has given the fans an opportunity to see 2NE1 perform anytime.

It is currently unknown if they’ll also upload 2NE1’s performances from Music Bank, Music Core or M! Countdown, but hey, at least it’s something.

Now let’s hope that more agencies will follow to help promote their artists internationally.


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YG Entertainment uploads performances of 2NE1 on YouTube
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