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 Stars raised by their military service

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PostSubject: Stars raised by their military service   Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:43 am

Stars raised by their military service

With stars constantly making headlines for issues regarding their military service, it seems as if the issue has become nothing more than a grave for celebrity careers. But is military service truly a ‘grave?’ Fortunately, there are plenty of celebrity examples that had their mandatory years of service positively advance their careers.The most representative of such cases are popular trot singer Park Hyunbin and musical actor Choi Jaerim. Both discovered their hidden talents while serving, influencing them to debut professionally.Park Hyunbin, currently a trendy star with hit tracks like “Shiny Shiny” and “Dead Drunk,” was previously an opera singer. However, after joining the military, he had to “sing songs that were enjoyable for all” and even spent sleepless nights memorizing trot songs to entertain his seniors. For Park, his military service became a weapon of success for his career as a singer. “The tips and tricks I picked up and groomed while serving are now my greatest talents. My voice was also developed as well. Thankfully, singing in front of a 70,000 member audience isn’t nearly as scary as singing in front of my seniors.”Musical actor Choi adds, “I fell in love with musicals after meeting a junior of mine in the military. We practiced singing together for 8-9 hours a day and it’s become a huge help.”For popular broadcast star No Hongchul, his fame already began whle in service. His witty comments and expressive movements earned the attention of many fellow soldiers. One commented, “He wasn’t a celebrity at the time but after he debuted, I heard him tell the story of how popular he was while in the army.”2AM’s Changmin is also one of the few idols that has already completed his service, proudly earning the nickname ’soldier idol.’ Both Changmin and No Hongchul were already famous figures in their respective districts.

Source: DongaCr: allkpop

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Stars raised by their military service
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