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 Seulong reveals his family members

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PostSubject: Seulong reveals his family members   Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:39 am

Seulong reveals his family members

Chuseok is a special day for everyone to visit their families, especially for celebrities, as most of them rarely get a chance to meet them due to their busy schedules.Just in time for the holiday, 2AM’s Seulong revealed a recent photo of his family on his Twitter.The message that was left with the picture stated, “My older sister and my dad. My sister is 149cm in height. The two of us have about a 40cm difference keke.Netizens have been leaving positive comments, such as, “So this is your family! I really want to see a front view picture as well.”, “Wow. Oppa, you are so tall.”, “Your family members are pretty and cool.”, and “Have a wonderful holiday!”

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Seulong reveals his family members
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