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 Lee Teuk’s stage name wasn’t originally ‘Lee Teuk’?

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PostSubject: Lee Teuk’s stage name wasn’t originally ‘Lee Teuk’?   Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:51 am

Super Junior’s leader Lee Teuk recently shared a story of when he was once tangled up about his stage name.

On SBS’s ‘Star Real Video Case Idols – Chuseok Special‘, Lee Teuk revealed, “My stage name wasn’t originally Lee Teuk.”

He continued, “My first stage name was Kangsu. Kangta’s (H.O.T) name meaning was, ‘Strike a heavy blow (kangta) to the K-pop industry’, while Jun Jin’s (Shinhwa) was, ‘Advance (junjin) into the K-pop industry’, and Hye Sung’s (Shinhwa) was ‘K-pop’s comet (hyesung)’. SM Entertainment President Lee Soo Man made me Kangsu as a meaning of, ‘Time to rain (kangsu) on K-pop’.

Leeteuk continued stating, “I really didn’t like the sound of my name, so instead I received the name ‘Shin-i (God)’. When I asked what it meant, they said they derived it from ‘A child sent from God’. When I asked President Lee Soo Man what it meant, he said “You special (leeteuk) rascal’, and ever since then I’ve became Lee Teuk from then onwards.”

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Lee Teuk’s stage name wasn’t originally ‘Lee Teuk’?
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