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 Wonder Girls heading to France in October

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PostSubject: Wonder Girls heading to France in October   Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:53 am

The Wonder Girls will be heading to Cannes, France on October 4th to perform at the Korean Creative Content Agency’s Korean Contents Showcase which will be held at MIPCOM.

MIPCOM is the world’s largest entertainment content market. MIPCOM’s opening ceremony is a networking event that is held annually in Cannes, France. This event consists of around 3,000 participants set to buy and sell from countries around the world.

The Wonder Girls will be opening for the “What’s the Wonder in Korea” contents advertising event held by the Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA). The KOCCA will be featuring other Korean culture related contents as well, such as the popular MBC historical drama, Dong Yi, and the SBS animation, Scan2Go. Also, they will be providing bulgogi so that participants get to taste some of Korea’s traditional food.

The KOCCA president, Jae Woong Lee, expressed that he wished this event would introduce Korean culture to a larger audience and improve Korea’s image.

Hopefully this event will open up more doors for the Wonder Girls and lead them to future opportunities to perform beyond Asia and North America!

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Wonder Girls heading to France in October
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