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 miss A Suzy’s Pre-debut Photos Are Revealed

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PostSubject: miss A Suzy’s Pre-debut Photos Are Revealed   Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:22 am

It was just a matter of time before miss A’s pre-debut photos were found by netizens. Suzy’s graduation photo and Junior High photos are gaining attention from netizens for her pretty appearance. It’s a sharp contrast to their reactions to Min’s pre-debut photos which raised eyebrows because of her party-girl appearance.

Netizens say that she is a natural beauty and I actually agree for once. The first time the video for “Bad Girl, Good Girl” was released, I thought she was the most plastic of them all. But seeing her pre-debut photos, unless she had her eyes and nose done in junior high school, she looks all natural.

Quote :
“Miss A member Suzy’s childhood photo’s have recently been uploaded on an online internet portal which are causing a lot of attention from netizens.These photo’s were taken when she was in Junior High showing the idol when she was at a very young age. It was noticeable that she had a white skin complexion and a very cute appearance especially with her school uniform on.

Netizens commented, “She has not changed at all” “This goes to prove that she is indeed a natural beauty” “Her beauty just improved now that she is older”

Netizens are showing interest in her past photo’s and compliments her natural beauty since she was at a young age.”

[TV Daily]

credit : tv daily

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miss A Suzy’s Pre-debut Photos Are Revealed
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