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 About Infinite

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PostSubject: About Infinite   Mon Sep 13, 2010 7:31 am

Infinite (인피니트) is a new Korean Boy Band group under the same company as Epik High and Nell, Woollim Entertainment. The boyband has seven members, formed by leader Sung Gyu, Ho Won, Sung Jong, Woo Hyun, Dong Woo, Myung Soo, and Sung Yeol.

Infinite group has gained popular even before their debut because Infinite are groomed by Epik High Tablo and Mithra Jin, and has also appeared on their own reality show ‘You’re My Oppa’.

Their hit single “Come Back Again”, which mixes vintage rock and electronica for a stylish new sound. The song’s music video is directed by the director of Brown Eyed Girls‘ Abracadabra.

Infinite’s six-track invasion also includes “Wings”, which is reminiscent of the dance music of nineties boy bands, and the ballad “Fixed Star”.

Woollim Entertainment revealed, “Even though Infinite is an idol group, they will do new genres of music different from what the other singers are doing.”

Meanwhile, the group will have their debut showcase on 9th June at 5.30pm in Seoul TimeSquare CGV.

Singer : Infinite
Mini Album : First Invasion (퍼스트 인베이젼)
Date : 9 June 2010
01 ∞ – Infinite (Intro)
02 다시 돌아와 – Come Back Again
03 She’s Back
04 날개 – Wings
05 붙박이 별 – Fixed Star
06 맡겨 – Entrust

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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Sun Dec 19, 2010 6:10 am

COMEBACK confirmed gia Ianouario!

Mesa sth vdomada 8a anakoinw8ei to programma tous.

Stay tuned gia perissotera updates~:p
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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:00 am

INFINITE has finally returned with their second mini-album, “EVOLUTION,” after achieving much success as a rookie group last year.

Their comeback mini-album consists of five special songs that were chosen out of a recorded 100 by the group. In an effort to show just how much they’ve matured musically, the album boasts the help of top producers and equipment.

Their title track, “Before the Dawn,” was co-produced by Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Su (of KARA’s “Mister,” “Pretty Girl,” and Rainbow’s “A” fame). Featuring lyrics that are sure to make any heart melt, the song utilizes acoustic and electric instruments to create a dramatic effect.

Their music video for the track was directed by Hwang Sua, who’s known for her work with the Brown Eyed Girls‘ “Abracadabra” and IU’s “Good Day.” Scenes feature blockbuster-like action scenes with impressive choreography.

The group will be kicking off their official comeback through their showcase on January 6th.

^ MV του Before The Dawn

^ τα τραγούδια του album

'....they don't even throw fits when antis come their way and try to diss their OTP.They handle it in a very mature way and realize not everyone will agree with them.It annoes me that people have to be so mean towards them about something they just DON'T agree with.'
~Love my soulmates, support Yunjae

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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:48 am

Μετά το 다시돌아와 (come back again ) το Before the down είναι τραγουδάρα..ξεκινάει πολύ δυνατά και μάλλον έχω πρόβλημα γιατί μ'αρέσει το κλιπ,όπως όλα τα βιντεοκλίπ με αγόρια που πλακώνονται στο ξύλο!!Με κάνει να θέλω να τα προστατέψω..<33
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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:52 am

xairomai toso poli gia afta ta paidia! to pisteuo oti einai to kati diaforetiko! opos den mporousa na vgalo to ''come back again'' apo to mialo mou to idio simvainei kai tora me to ''before the dawn''
infinite fighting!
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PostSubject: Interview 110125 : Infinite plants their scorpion 'poison'   Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:33 am

Choreography that does not allow for the smallest errors catches our attention. The 7 members move as if they are all one body. Rookie group Infinite debuted last year and now have come back with their intimidating charisma. Different from their debut song 'Come Back Again' and 'She's Back', 'BTD' (Before the dawn) revealed their sharp 'scorpion dance' and showed their readiness to swallow the kpop industry. We met with the 7 members who returned as men.

"Everyone said we became more manly. The song itself reveals determined goals of "I will get you before the dawn". Our attempts to express the meaning of the song probably made us seem more manly. We exercised a lot to make this image. We lost an average of 3~4 kg. Did our jawline become sharper? (laugh)" (Sunggyu)

"We lost weight to match our album's powerful concept. Before, the young image was more prominent. My nickname was 'Elementary kid Sungyeol'..., I lost weight to give a more sharper feel, but I don't know if others viewed it that way" (Sungyeol)

"We recorded the title song with the belief that it should have a darker feel. We tried to develop the charms of tough guys in our everyday life. We tried to change our gazes first. Did it work?" (L)

"Like L said, we tried to give a darker feel, so in our everyday life we attempted to maintain this atmosphere and bring out our emotions. I heard that our vocals became more sophisticated since our 1st album. I felt really good when our CEO praised us highly when he usually never does." (Woohyun)

They chose songs that included the manly charms. "We put in a lot of songs to give off a manly feel unlike our first mini album. Looking at the lyrics of our songs, you will be able to see a lot of our sad yet powerful expressions." (Sungjong)

To give the title song a more powerful feeling, Infinite designed a 'discipline dance' that consists of folding their fingers at the same time. Hoya who was directly involved in creating the BTD choreography said "we put the point in the dance when all 7 members folded their fingers at the same time and the scorpion dance" and "the fans named our scorpion dance. It was originally called the budding dance".

"As soon as we heard the title song, we all agreed with the thought 'the style is going to be different this time'. When we did 'Come Back Again', we were like neighborhood dongsaengs. This time, you can say we became young men (laugh). We want to continue making our own genres, and this is how our 'scorpion dance' was born. Call us 7 scorpions (laugh). Our outfit today is gold, so it'd be good if you called us 'gold scorpions' (laugh)."

Dongwoo revealed "I'll be happy if people called us unified dance terminators" and "We didn't know either, but watching us on TV really shocked me. All 7 members folded their fingers at the exact same time".

Hoya and Dongwoo revealed their 'rap' instincts in the 2nd album. They were involved in making the rap, leading the fans with their bright flow. Because they are young musicians who have much curiosity in music, there were also lots of worries. After this determination, they were able to be involved in the rap making.

"It was really hard when we were making the rap. We didn't know which song would go in the album, so we weren't able to write it beforehand. It was hard to make a rap starting from the intro to the rest of the songs. Each and every song required our blood and sweat. But seeing the results, I can't believe that we did this ourselves. I'm happy to see songs that we wrote ourselves." (Dongwoo, Hoya)

Infinite's keyword is 'challenge'. While in an idol group, they worked hard to make their own 'team color'. Their efforts were confirmed with their showcase that opened on the past 6th. Receiving thoughts like "did Infinite really grow this much", their attack on the stage improved, and the theater was packed with people. We were able to feel the scorpion's poison in their determination which was present in each dance and song. Not even 1 year since their debut, Infinite has already grown so much, confirming their pink light future.

"Like our team name, we want to grow with no limit. A challenge is always a scary thing. However, our desire to share good music is stronger. We want to try our best everytime we stand on stage. There are many people who confuse us with the car (laugh). We will find a song that will allow the public to know our name 'Infinite', and wash away this embarrassing confusion."

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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:52 am

Infinite's March 2011 Edition of Junior Magazine interview

Cinematic Infinite

The Moment in My Life That Felt Like a Movie.

Sungyeol: After becoming a trainee till now.

Dongwoo: When I started sprinting towards a pharmacy after my father suddenly became ill. The moment when I only looked in front of me and ran, so cars were closely passing me by.

Hoya: The time when I danced in the streets every week in Busan, with my friends.

Woohyun: Our first stage—— The screams—- My breathing—-.

Sunggyu: Coming to Seoul after graduating high school and started working; when I passed my auditions and debuted.

L: From the moment I was born till now. And every moment in the future will become like a scene from a movie.

Sungjong: Listening to my MP3 on top of a mountain and feeling the breeze.


A Character That Fits With The Members

Dongwoo: Hoya is like The Thing from ‘Fantastic 4’. Woohyun is like the main male character from ‘Sky High’. Sungjong is like Nemo from ‘Finding Nemo’. Sunggyu hyung is like ‘Kung Fu Panda’. L is like Wonbin from ‘Ahjusshi’. And Sungyeol is like Yoo Seungho from ‘The Way Home’.

Hoya: Dongwoo hyung looks similar to Kang Baekho from the animation, ‘Slam Dunk’.

Sunggyu: He looks like Jim Carrey too. Both Dongwoo and Jim Carrey’s expressions are alive.

Woohyun: We can all be the stone from ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’. Since we’re Sesame-finite [T/N: meaning they come out on shows and things for a short time, but they’re still there].

L: Sungyeol is like an elementary schooler.

Sungjong: I think Woohyun hyung would be good at a con artist role. L hyung would do a charismatic role. Hoya hyung would do a Busan man role, Dongwoo hyung would do a fool role, and Sunggyu hyung would get the role of someone who has a lot of willpower, but things just don’t work out for him.


If You Are The Hero of The Movie?

The prior questioning portion is over. Now all of you are the directors and main characters for this movie. Your family, friends, and all the people you meet come out in this movie. Those who look at them would become the audience, right? The movie’s ending will change depending on your decision. Movie Hero! We will be watching over your decisions!

[T/N: These are all movie titles and they’ll be deciding what to do depending on the scene.]


You’re being bothered by a relentless stalker

Sunggyu: I’m so scared. I should hurry and call 112 and report this.

Dongwoo: Thank you for loving me. But if there’s a misunderstanding, let’s figure it out by talking.

Sungyeol: I think I’ll be really distressed—

Woohyun: I don’t even want to think about it. Really.

L: I’ll do the same thing to them.

Hoya: I’ll scold them!

‘Old Boy’

You become confined somewhere by a stranger, without even knowing the reason.

Woohyun: Don’t just give me dumplings, give me pickled radishes too!! [T/N: Referring to a scene in the movie.]

Sungyeol: I’ll make sure to escape and then plot revenge. And I won’t even give them pickled radishes.

L: Open up!!

Sungjong: I’ll convince them to let me go. The point here is to speak logically!

Dongwoo: I’ll find out the reason first and if it’s with good intentions, I’ll follow it. If not, I’ll be humorous so they can feel better and I can be free.

‘200 Pounds Beauty’

The woman I love turns out to be a plastic surgery beauty. And they’re bald on top of that.

Dongwoo: It’s okay. If they try to hide it, I’ll get mad and say they look prettier when they’re bald.

Sungjong: Who cares if they’re bald. Since it’s someone I love, I don’t care.

Hoya: I would be okay if she had plastic surgery, but I think being bald would be harder to accept. But if it’s someone I really love, I can just plant hair and be done with it.

Sungyeol: They say you need to protect the one you love~


A world where everything is frozen except you

Woohyun: I think I would be scared

Hoya: I want to go on a trip by myself

Sunggyu: I would go to my family. I miss my family so much.

L: Uwah! I think it would be fascinating.

Dongwoo: Daebak!! First, I would eat everything and wear everything. Then drive in one of the top cars and play as much as I want with electronics. And then I would go to foreign countries and go sightseeing.

Bonus Question! A supernatural power you want!

Sungjong Hoya Dongwoo: Teleportation

L: The guru powers from ‘Jeon Woochi, the Taoist Wizard’.

Sunggyu: The powers to look through things. I want to see everything.

Woohyun: The powers to help neighbors who are having a hard time. A power to make those who are ill, not be ill.

Sungyeol: Powers to fly in the sky.

‘Truman Show’

You had to do a live show for 24 hours. Most embarrassing moment?

L: I turned on the computer secretly at night. I succeeded. Happiness last for a little while, 3 seconds later I turn around and see my mother standing at my doorway.

Sunggyu: I went to a restaurant and I find that I have a hole in my sock.

Woohyun: (M! Countdown) first broadcast… ripped pants.

Hoya: I haven’t had any really embarrassing moments, but if someone was watching me, I would think that all my moments would be embarrassing.

Dongwoo: I went into the girls’ bathroom by accident and, rather, I got mad at them.

Sungyeol: I thought no one was there and started to change my clothes. My god!!


You went to the ocean with your members, and then Jaws appeared. If you don’t save them quickly, everyone will die. Who’ll you save first?!!

Sungyeol: If one person was going to die, I think it would be better if we all died.

Hoya: I’ll find a way to save everyone.

Dongwoo: We’ll all kill Jaws and eat him together.

Woohyun: One Jaws is nothing.

Sunggyu: I’ll save the youngest, Sungjong, first. And if I just pretend I’m dead, don’t you think Jaws will go someplace else?

Sungjong: Since Dongwoo hyung can’t swim, it’s possible that he’ll drown, so I’ll save him first.


The robot I need is?

L: A twin robot that looks exactly like me. I want to see what I act like.

Sungjong: A robot that cleans, cooks, and gives me piggyback rides.

Sunggyu: A robot that washes me. When I’m tired, I can just lie still and it’ll do it all for me.

Woohyun: Cleaning robot. Housemaid robot.

Dongwoo: A robot that won’t get tired even if it dances all day and can play whenever everyone else is asleep; infinite stamina robot. A robot that has a lot of storage space and can organize pretty well.

Sungyeol: A robot that’ll improve my entertainment skills.


I can give my life for the one I love.

Woohyun: Of course, you can bet on it.

Dongwoo: I’m going to live and save the other person, too.


You can’t remember anything for more than 10 minutes. Still, what’s the one thing you never want to forget?

Sungyeol: The memories I’ve made with my family

Dongwoo: I don’t want to forget myself.

Woohyun: When all the fans became one and sang our song at our fanmeeting. I was so touched that I cried a lot. I never want to forget that.

Hoya: Memories with the people I love.

Sunggyu: I don’t want to forget the person that I love and care for.


You’re stranded on a deserted island. You need one member and three things.

Dongwoo: Woohyun. My things are a shovel, a hammer, and a knife!

Woohyun: Dongwoo. If I’m with Dongwoo, I don’t think I’ll be bored. Computer, foodstuffs, and cellphone.

Sunggyu: L. Toiletries, MP3 player, cellphone. L is quiet, so I don’t think he’ll disturb my vacation. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get a good rest in a place where there are no people.

Hoya: Dongwoo hyung. Notebook, MP3 player, blanket.

‘If Only’

Your last day with the person you love.

Hoya: I want to grant all of that person’s wishes.

Sungyeol: I’ll make one last promise. That we’ll certainly meet again in the next life.

Dongwoo: I’ll reminisce while looking at old photos. I’ll converse with that person all day; when it becomes nighttime, I’ll take her to the best restaurant and then go watch the city lights.

Woohyun: I want to take the girl I love to meet my parents.

L: There will be a wedding ceremony.

Sunggyu: I’ll take her hand in mine and go watch the waves of the ocean. At the beach I will face the world and shout with all my might, that I love her.

‘The Art of Seduction’

A seductive comment that would work 100% of the time or my charm

Dongwoo: Doesn’t work! My charm is my strength and greasy eyes.

Sungjong: I will honestly tell her that I like her.

L: Ah, excuse me! You dropped this.

Sunggyu: Shall we go out to eat together?

Hoya: I will show her my own stage.

Sungyeol: Aegyo? [Acting cute]

Woohyun: As soon as I open my eyes, I see you. That’s my way of expressing my interest. But to be honest, I never got to try that out on a person I liked, so pass~


How will you respond to the apocalypse?

Woohyun: I will plant a tree.

L: I’ll plant an apple tree.

Sungjong: I’m going to pray.

Dongwoo: After saying goodbye to my family, I’m going to sleep. So I won’t know if the apocalypse comes.

‘Night of the Living Dead’

Everyone became a zombie. What’s your choice as the only person left alive?

Sungjong: I’ll keep running away whilst fighting them. I’ll save this world by finding a potion that will make them turn back into human beings.

Dongwoo, Sunggyu: There’s definitely another person who’s not a zombie. I have to find that person.

Woohyun: I will live with the zombies in peace, like good friends.

Hoya: I’m heading to the ocean.

‘The Proposal’

What’s the proposal of your dreams?

Sungyeol: I’m going to confess my love on worldwide television.

Dongwoo: I’m going to borrow a small boat and make it look like a coincidence. When there’s just the two of us, I’m going to confess my heart.

Hoya: I’m going to compose a song made especially for one person and then sing it to her.

Woohyun: I’m going to make it so that only my face will be on all TV channels and confess my love.

Sunggyu: I’m going to buy my girlfriend a private airplane. I’ll already be on the plane, and welcome her. Then we’ll leave together on a vacation.

Sungjong: At a mountain summit, I’m going to kneel and propose to her.

L: In a sincere voice, I will ask, “Will you marry me?”

pic: fuckyeahinfinite
trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:05 am

‘Infinite’ raised by Epik High have a country-like scent to them?

In January of this year, group Infinite showed a masculine image through ‘BTD (Before the Dawn) and in time for Spring, they transformed into ‘cute men’ this April.

Recently, the members of Infinite, Kim Sunggyu (22·leader), Jang Dongwoo (21·rap), Nam Woohyun (20·vocal), Hoya (20·rap), Lee Sungyeol (20·vocal), L (19·vocal), Lee Sungjong (18·vocal), released the bright title track “Nothing’s Over” from their recently released single “INSPIRIT” as bright and cheerful boys. They indeed showed their free side like the boys in their 20s would.

“We have a lot of fun just being with each other also. Every day feels like we’re on a MT [T/N: Stands for membership training and it’s when college clubs go on trips together in Korea].” The 7 members showing off their synchronized choreography and perfect teamwork since their debut, the members also stay close like friends and seem to enjoy their lives as singers.

Infinite is an idol group raised by Tablo, who graduated from Stanford and is in the group Epik High (Tablo, Mithra Jin, DJ Tukutz). But they had a slight country-like scent to them [T/N: They used a metaphor of replacing country-like for soybean paste, which essentially means the same thing but I decided not to do the literal translation]. The members said, “The other idol groups have members from overseas but we’re from the rural areas.” Infinite also talked about how they worked hard to bring a festive and bright image to the public with this album.

The interview with Infinite was coincidentally on the day of Hoya’s birthday. Hoya was thankful but also shy in seeing the fans who sang and danced for his birthday during the fan meeting in wishing him a happy birthday.

▶️ The masculine image is more comfortable for us, but the responses to the brighter image was better.

-Between the masculine image shown through the song ‘BTD’ and the bright and cute image shown now, which one do you prefer?

“I like the bright and cute concept better.” (L)

“Honestly, I think the bright image is awkward. I think I’m more comfortable with the masculine image, but the responses to the brighter one was better. The fans like my bright image.” (Sunggyu)

-What are the requirements to being a cute man?

“It’s important to follow through with your own style. It’s not by standards, but expressing yourself.” (Sunggyu)

(Then L copied the cute choreography of Sunggyu’s part in which he does on stage). “L always makes fun of my part in the choreography. It’s also a form of advice for me to make my choreography look cuter on stage.” (Sunggyu)

“Leader (Sunggyu) hyung has aegyo surprisingly. When he’s tough, he’s tough, but he also has a lot of aegyo. He’s the best man ever.” (Sungjong)

-From the songs you released, which one is the most memorable one?

“For me, “Nothing’s Over” is the most memorable. Honestly, this song was recorded a while back and I was the guide [T/N: Guides in singing usually are the first demonstrators to sing the song so that the composer/producer can work with it before they officially record] and so I sung this song by myself then. L was the first one to record and it fit him so well. It made L shine. Woohyun sang the end part really well also so it made me think that even if I didn’t sing by myself, it’ll do well on its own. They also wrote the rap themselves, so they liked it. The rap was written by Hoya and Dongwoo themselves.” (Sunggyu)

“Mithra hyung helped us with the rap. Mithra hyung is good to us. He’s very humanistic.” (Hoya)

“Hoya and Dongwoo go over to Mithra hyung’s house and even eat together.” (Sunggyu)

-What kind of advice did Epik High give you in terms of music?

“They gave us a lot of strength. They taught us how to store our own color into music. ‘There may be a specific style in which the composers want, but try to express to your best and fullest your own color and emotions.’” (Dongwoo)

▶️ Hoya “My girlfriend wasn’t an average civilian. She was a princess.”

-‘BTD’ had lyrics about holding onto a woman a man loved. Does everyone have experience ehere?

“Woohyun seems to have a lot.” (Members)

“I don’t have that type of experience. I never had a girlfriend like that, so I couldn’t put 100% of my emotions into the lyric, but I did have a girlfriend before.” (Woohyun)

-So was your girlfriend an average civilian?

“Yes, I dated before I became a singer.” (Woohyun)

“I never dated a civilian. My girlfriend was a princess.” (Hoya)

(Right when he finished his sentence, all the members broke out into booing). “Then did we date maids?” (Sunggyu)

-What are all of your ideal types?

(When bringing up ideal types, Sungyeol showed a shocked and flustered expression. All the members burst into laughter when seeing Sungyeol’s facial expression).

“I like girls who aren’t deceiving, easy-going, and cute.” (Sungyeol)

“I like girls who are innocent and glisten, someone with long, wavy hair. Kind of like our senior Lee Na Young. Everyone has a different aura, but I like those who have a faint one.” (L)

“I like a person with distinct personality. Someone I can get a vibe from who’s really different from me and someone who fascinates me. I like odd charms in a girl.” (Hoya)

▶️ When we were trainees, we were forbidden to go out

-Is there anything different from being a singer and gaining fans & popularity?

“When we get caught on camera, the angle we’re taken from aren’t that much. People have said we look a lot more celebrity-like than before.”

-Now you can’t roam outdoors as you wish now, right?

“We do. We were more restricted when we were trainees. The company said, ‘Hey, don’t take the subway! You can’t let your face be seen!’ No one recognized us. Before our debut, we dyed our hair. Then our company said to us again, ‘Don’t go around since you dyed your hair. Your concept is going to get exposed and pictures will be taken.’ No one cared.” (Woohyun)

-Do your relatives enjoy it a lot in seeing you gain popularity?

“Yes, my grandmother who doesn’t have much to do really likes it. When she turns on the television and sees us, she likes it.” (Sungyeol)

“Why do you say it like your grandmother has nothing to do?” (Members)

“His grandmother is often lonely though.” (Sunggyu)

“My grandmother told me, ‘Put a nametag on your chest’ so that she can meet singers. She likes singers who sing trot.” (Dongwoo)

-You’re in your early 20s where others go on MTs and meet up with friends. Do you get jealous of that lifestyle?

“Never. We have fun with ourselves. Every day is like a MT. We all get along like friends.” (Sunggyu)
▶️ Doing laundry and washing the dishes, we do everything ourselves. I was pinned by the closet before.

-You all live in a dorm together, right? If men live together, you don’t clean, do you?

“Our dorm is clean. There are often times where we aren’t able to clean due to influx of schedules and not being able to go home. At those times, it’s a bit messy.” (Sungyeol)

-Do you do the dish washing and laundry yourselves?

“Washing clothes by hand and dish washing, we all do it. We take turns doing the chores. We don’t hire someone as we do it ourselves. There’s turns in when to do it, but sometimes they pretend to sleep. Like last night, it wasn’t my turn but I did it.” (Sunggyu)

“Yesterday, it was Woohyun, Sunggyu hyung, and my turn but everyone was sleeping besides me. Sunggyu hyung sympathized woohyun and said “Hyung will do it.” That’s when I felt that Sunggyu hyung was really a hyung.” (Dongwoo)

“Often times, our closet falls over so we have to fix it ourselves. Once, I was pinned by the closet.” (Sungjong)

-Do you cook your own meals?

“We make instant noodles and folded egg [T/N: It’s like cooked egg but folded into layers…]. Each person takes care of their own meal and they put the dishes away themselves.” (Woohyun)

-What other types of food do you like? Meat? Sashimi?

“Ah, we faint at the sight of meat and sashimi. If the members eat it, we eat all of it in 20 minutes.” (Woohyun)

-How do you maintain your bodies then?

“Ah we don’t. We’re melting away our chocolate abs. We lose weight through dancing. When we don’t have schedules, we dance for 18 hours from morning to dawn.” (Woohyun)

▶️ A lot of other idol groups have members from overseas, but we have more from rural areas.

-Are all of you from Seoul?

“No. The ones that are most like Seoul people are Woohyun and L, and the rest are from the rural areas. Other teams have more overseas members, but we have more from rural areas.” (Sunggyu)

-Since your hometown is from the rural areas, you must miss your parents a lot, right?

“Of course! Sungjong cries.” (Sunggyu)

“When I was younger I did, but now I’ve adjusted a lot. I go see my parents during Chuseok or Lunar New Years.” (Sungjong)

-A lot of people said that Infinite has members who look similar to one another.

“Hrm, I see. Once, we went to an event in a university and someone asked if L and I were brothers when standing next to one another. It was the first time hearing it, but I felt good.” (Sunggyu)

“They must have left their glasses. L, Sunggyu, and Woohyun get mistaken often for one another.” (Members)

To the point of having a new term like actor-dol (idols who go into acting), appearing in a drama has been a given course for idols who are well off. Sungyeol will be filming the new SBS daily drama “While You Were Sleeping” starting this April as he plays the role of the perfect son.

-Sungyeol is filming a drama in April. Are there other members interested in acting?

“L is really interested in acting.” (Members)

“Honestly, I took the auditions with Sungyeol hyung and I was dropped. I think I lacked a lot. I’ll work hard.”

▶️ Like the name ‘Infinite,’ we don’t want to be bound to one set of color

-You keep changing the color (style) of the group – is it to give diversity?

“We don’t like being one set of style. Our group name is Infinite (limitless). We set our motto as being not just one color, but also showing various color, so we present various images. We want to continue to do that and we have the confidence to do it well also.

-Lastly, your plans from now on during promotions or words you want your fans to remember.

“We’re an idol group, but we really like music. We want you to remember Infinite as a group that really likes music. Also, we want to remain as nationwide singers that our fans can remember.” (Sunggyu, Woohyun)

trans.cr; jiwon @ infinite updates
source cr; donga news

Πολύ κουλ συνέντευξη!!
Μ'αρεσε ιδιαιτερα το σημείο με τη μπουγάδα,το αδιαμφισβήτητο γεγονός ότι κάποιοι μοιάζουν παραπάνω απ'το συνηθισμένο μεταξύ τους και το ότι το λουκουμάκι έκλαιγε παλιά που του λείπαν οι γονείς του(γούτσι μωρέ!!αγκαλίτσα?)
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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Sun Apr 10, 2011 5:58 pm

List of Covers made by Infinite

With You
Tell Me
바보 (Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Hoya, L)
남자가 여자를 사랑할때 (Woohyun)
Can’t Help But Wait (Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya)
Maybe (Sunggyu)
Gone (Sunggyu)
All You Need is Love (Sunggyu, Woohyun) [Not very good quality :/]
Let’s Go On Vacation (Sunggyu, Woohyun)
Champion (Sunggyu, Woohyun)
One Late Night in 1994 (Sunggyu)
The Time Walking the Memories (Sunggyu)
Insomnia (Sunggyu)
Lucky (Sunggyu, Some lady who I can’t remember the name of, :| on guitar)
I Believe (Sunggyu, Woohyun)
Hurricane (Sunggyu, Woohyun)
Closer (Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun) ♥️♥️♥️
U Got it Bad (Sunggyu, Hoya)
Love Love Love (Hoya)
Butterfly (Woohyun)

source: http://keksprinzessin.wordpress.com
βασικά...υπήρχαν και τα links για να κατεβάσω και τα mp3 τν τραγουδιών..δεν ήξερα αν έπρεπε να τα ποστάρω
χιαρ ιτ ιζ
για όποιον θέλει να τα κατεβάσει

'....they don't even throw fits when antis come their way and try to diss their OTP.They handle it in a very mature way and realize not everyone will agree with them.It annoes me that people have to be so mean towards them about something they just DON'T agree with.'
~Love my soulmates, support Yunjae

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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Mon Apr 11, 2011 7:18 am

Mpravo re koukla!!Thanx a lot!!egw 8elw!!
Kai vrhka ayto apo prosfath synenteyxh tous..

Infinite “We’re optimistic idols! No promised debut, we gritted our teeth and endured through it”

Now, here are the boys that changed hardships and adversities into optimism. With their optimism, the idol group INFINITE make their comeback

The seven boys greeted us brightly before going into the photo shoot and they must have been tired since it was early in the morning, but they were able to take jokes and even joke around light, leading the atmosphere into a brighter path.

Infinite, who left a strong impression with their song ‘BTD’ (Before The Dawn), has returned recently with a refreshing and spring-like single ‘Nothing’s Over.’ Taking away the weight of their monotone outfits and charisma that Infinite held, they greet their fans warmly with pastel-tone colored outfits and bright smiles as soon as they make their comeback.

“Our song this time is spring’s, of spring, and for spring. I think it’s a song the fans will like since it’s in time for the season.” (Dongwoo)

“Everyone looks good in a brighter image. The fans really like this concept, so I’m very thankful. I didn’t know the responses would be this good. It’s a surprise, so I was even more ecstatic.” (Sunggyu)

♪ Optimism 1: “We were never promised of a debut. We gritted our teeth and kept enduring.”

“During our trainee days, no matter how hard we worked, it was still difficult knowing that we weren’t promised anything. No matter how hard we worked, there was no guarantee. The friends who were in our daily lives were people who could be in the same team as us or even rivals. Seeing the people who were hyungs and donsengs to us who couldn’t endure through it and leave, it was heartbreaking and difficult. I couldn’t adjust to that.” (Sunggyu)

Like trainees of any other company, Infinite never had a time where their debut date was set, so they spent an uneasy amount of time, especially fighting against their physical state as well as the far commute of the members from their homes in the rural sides to their practice room.

The members whose homes were in Seoul or Kyungkido were fine, bbut the other members who lived in Busan, Kwangju, and Jeonju had to spend the night in their practice room. Sungjong, the youngest member whose home is in Kwangju, started his lifestyle of living alone away from his parents since middle school at the age of 17 in becoming a singer, shedding tears many times by himself.

Woohyun spoke up about Sungjong, who is currently 19, as he said, “The hyungs didn’t get to see their parents often either due to practices ending late and suffered a lot, but our youngest Sungjong was admirable for being able to endure through it well,” giving him strength in midst of his compliment.

In the practice room, Infinite didn’t just sleep but faced difficulties in ‘running at the Han River’ early in the morning. Every morning, they weren’t just jogging 4.2km, but running full-speed. Even if it was snowing on that day as the Han River would be frozen, they still ran.

“Some days it would be really cold to the point where our eyebrows would frost. Our CEO would tell us that we needed to take care of our physical conditions, so we ran full-speed every day at the Han River. Running at the Han River was difficult, but my joints would hurt due to practicing choreographies to the point where I had to get it bandaged at a hospital, though I came back to practice again. I fritted my teeth and endured through it.” (Sungyeol)

“Our physical conditions have improved due to running at the Han River. It was really difficult and I tried not to show it due to burdening the younger ones.” (Woohyun)

Leader Sunggyu confessed that he did show his pains and in response, Sungyeol confessed, “When Sunggyu hyung was in difficulty, I would be too but beside him,” disclosing their difficult trainee days with laughter.

♪ Optimism #2: “Loving the members that are like my family even more.”

“If you see our performance, you can see how our teamwork is.” (Woohyun)

Infinite earned the title ‘the terminator of synchronized choreographies’ in thanks to their physical states built through their share in running at the Han River, but it was the members’ brotherly affection that made it the bigger factor in creating that image.

Sunggyu expressed his deep love for the members in a serious tone. “I apologize to the fans, but I love the members more. It’s something I can’t control. When we do our persona schedules, I feel as if I’m seeing my dongsengs get stepped on and my hair is falling out. I’m not supposed to worry and do my best, but it’s unimaginable of how lonely they will get.”

“At first, I didn’t realize it when I did my first personal schedule, but the gap of when I’m going out with the hyungs versus by myself is huge now. When the hyungs aren’t around, it’s awkward and feels empty. Having the hyungs gives me courage and I feel like I have a depenedent figure.” (Sungjong)

Having 7 boys gather and dwell together without any fighting is a lie. If there’s a saying that men build their friendship through fighting, then there are arguments amongst the members while living in one dorm together; however, they fill each others’ lacking parts through pointing out the problems with one another. This was the reason as to being able to see the tight friendship amongst Infinite.

♪ Optimism #3: “Returning the same amount of love we gain from our fans”

Not having even made their debut for a year, Infinite is thankful for the support and love their fans send them. Especially at music programs or stage performances, the cheering of their fans is the remedy to shaking off their nervousness.

“Before we sing, nervousness takes over us extremely, but it vanishes when we see the fans cheering for us as we stand on stage. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to cheer for us. I really like our fans. They’re like a girlfriend: pretty and lovely.” (Woohyun)

“We’re thankful for our fans that look out for us beside us to the point where we feel that we don’t deserve it. As much love as our fans give us, we want to show our fans a better image of ourselves in returning the favor.” (Sunggyu)

In ending the interview, what we felt from Infinite was that like their group name, they won’t manifest and hold infinity. Also, their optimism will be their strength.

Infinite, who show strong and bright energy, keeps us anticipated on what kind of image, performance, and songs in the future.

trans. cr; jiwon @ infinite updates
Source: Inifniteupdate Soul NTN
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PostSubject: WE GOT A NEW HOUSE!!!!!!   Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:56 pm

Last week, INFINITE grabbed their very first #1 win through Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘, and were finally allowed to move into a new dorm!

A source close to INFINITE revealed to OSEN that “The current
dorm has already been put up on the market. The new dorm that they’ll
move into is a new apartment. I found it was quite nice when I went to
check it out.”
The source also revealed that the members were
incredibly excited over this long-awaited move, and couldn’t hold back
their glee.

After securing 1st place two weeks in a row on M!
Countdown’, INFINITE experienced a boost in star power and have been
labeled as the new idol group to be watched. They’ve been receiving an
unceasing flow of requests to appear on music shows, as well as various
broadcast programs.

INFINITE’s old dorm is famous amongst fans as an old two-story house
located in Manwondong. Described to be an old and shabby place, the boys
have been calling it ‘home’ since their trainee days. The members even
had to share one bathroom between them.

The group had previously revealed, “If the members are talking inside the house, all the fans outside can hear what they’re talking about as well.”

INFINITE’s management, Woollim Entertainment, had
promised the members a new dorm if they were able to secure a 1st place
win on a music program, which added fuel to their burning desire to

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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:45 pm


Ante ta paidia epitelous..<33
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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:34 pm

epitelous !!!!
ta kakomira ta paidakia mas pou itan ola stivagmena se ekeino to spiti me to 1 mpanio!!!

mas aksize to kainourio spitaki toso kairo fonazoume oti irthe i ora mas!!!!!

bravo kai pali sta paidakia mas!
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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:45 pm

αα ωραια ελπιζω να ειναι πολυ ωραιο !
μπραβο τους !
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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:39 pm

Infinite Talks About Moving to Their New Dorm

Quote :

While Infinite has recently moved dorms, they show no lingering feelings for the house they had lived in for three years.

Infinite has constantly showed their desire to change dorms with every upcoming album release to their company. The reason for it? Because of its poor environment. Member Woohyun recently spoke out about their past dorm through his guest appearance on the SBS show “Strong Heart” and said, “It was a house that our CEO used to live in. When it rained, the water would leak inside as the wallpapers would peel off and the concrete would tear apart also.” They also had only one bathroom. With problems continuing to pile up, they really needed a change in housing.

With the promise of their CEO, they were told they’d switch dorms if they placed in the top ranking for music programs prior to their debut. The first offer was top 10. And after many attempts, Infinite was finally able to land 9th with “Nothing’s Over.” However, the expectations of their CEO rose in suggesting being in the top 3 instead. Without any complaints, Infinite hurriedly rose to the top with “Be Mine” and finally placed 1st.

Infinite finally moved dorms on September 25 in a high-rise apartment. While in their waiting room of KBS “Music Bank” on September 30 and they seemed excited at the mention of their new dorm. According to the members, the dorm has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Sunggyu and Woohyun share a room while Hoya and Sungjong share a small bedroom as well, leaving Dongwoo, L, and Sungyeol to use the big bedroom along with their manager.

“Everything is good. Comparing this to our old one is just speaking ill of it. The walls are padded well so that we can listen to music and practice as much as we want.” (Woohyun)

“In order to maintain the cleanliness of our room, we decided that whatever is on the floor, we throw away.” (Sungyeol)

“Before, we didn’t have a closet in our dorm but now, we have a walk-in closet so it’s easier to organize our clothes.” (Dongwoo)

“Like having a new start, we’ll work harder.” (L)

Although it’s been a week since Infinite moved dorms, they revealed that they haven’t unpacked everything yet. Due to packed schedules, they’re organizing things bit by bit. Hoya said, “We finally got the outline of how the dorm will be, but we have a lot to organize.” Sungjong also added, “If you come out of our new dorm, you can see our old one. It drills the will of never going back there again.”

According to Infinite, their CEO had gone back to their old dorm. Sunggyu said, “Although we lived in our dorm for 3 years, we have no lingering on going back. No attachment whatsoever. I never want to go back. And although we moved dorms, we have a lot of things to change like our car. There’s still a long way to go.”

Meanwhile, Infinite recently released a repackaged album of their first official album “Over the Top.” Now with their title song “Paradise,” Infinite is sweeping 1st on various music sites and ranking 1st on search engines of portal sites. They even rose to the top on Olleh Music’s social chart and have claimed the title of being the “trending idols.”
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kala to diavasa kai pethana sto gelio!!!
eimai omos toso xaroumeni!!!kairos itan na adamifthoun gia oli tin skliri douleia tous!!!
kai girnane giro giro kai to lene pantou!!!
ta kakomira pernousan poli asxima !
*proud nuna*
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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Sat Oct 08, 2011 9:58 pm

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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Sun Nov 06, 2011 3:48 am

INFINITE reveals 30-second preview of Japanese “BTD”

Quote :
Idol group INFINITE is readying to make waves in Japan with their debut single, “BTD“.

A 30-second preview was revealed through Amazon Japan. It quickly made its way onto YouTube, and drew many excited fans and interested netizens in its wake.

“BTD” and its ‘scorpion dance’ already impressed thousands of Japanese music fans, as their performance in the K-Pop All-Star Live in Niigata concert sparked some of the loudest cheers that night.

INFINITE will be dropping their debut single on November 19th. In the meantime, check out their preview and electrifying performance below:

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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:45 am

INFINITE debuts at #2 on Oricon Chart
After gathering 10,000 fans to commemorate the release of their Japanese debut single, “BTD”, the boys of INFINITE have more reasons to celebrate as “BTD” debuted at number 2 on the Oricon Daily Chart.

“BTD” sold a total of 15,281 units on the first day which was just behind Not Yet and their single “PERA PERA PERAO“.
Αυτά είναι!!

‘Trend Idols’ INFINITE is already showing much promise in Japan.

In addition to receiving more than 70,000 pre-orders for their Japanese album (November 19th release), INFINITE ranked #1 on one of Japan’s biggest music site ‘music.jp’ with their pre-released Japanese version of “BTD” on the ‘Hallyu Full Version Daily Chart’ on the day of release (November 9th).

This isn’t the first time INFINITE has reached #1 in Japan. With the single they released in Japan at the beginning of this year, “Come Back Again”, “She’s Back”, “BTD”, and “Nothing’s Over” all reached #1 on the day of release as well.

INFINITE’s debut is being announced over various billboards all over Tokyo. In addition to the “99.9% Synchronization Dance Vocal Group” displays that had been shown earlier throughout the month, footage from INFINITE’s Japanese “BTD” music video is also being shown on the screens, generating much buzz.


Teleio?? <3 Agapawwwww
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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:57 am

oχι οχι οχι οχι δεν ειναι τελιο.................θεικο ειναι !
ειναι φανταστικοι μικρα μου/μας ~
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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:40 am

[NEWS] 111206 Infinite achieves an all-kill with “White Confession”

INFINITE has done more than become a trending popular idol star. They have earned themselves the title of music chart champions.

INFINITE’s explosive popularity was once again proven when they achieved an all-kill on various music charts as soon as their Holiday special “White Confession (Lately)” was released on December 6th.

They squarely seized the #1 slot on the real time charts, even with top artists such as the nation’s sweetheart IU making her comeback at the same time as well as Trouble Maker making their debut and the Wonder Girls‘ promoting their comeback single.

INFINITE’s newest track was produced by the Hallyu producing team, Sweetune, who have been working with the boys for some time now. Fans will be able to get a feel for INFINITE’s pure innocence through the song which well showcases their individual hidden talents.

Netizens who heard the song responded with comments like, “I usually think of choreographed dance when I think ‘INFINITE’, but this is pleasantly different“, “It’s a sweet song that will dominate. I like it“, “It’s the kind of song that makes single people want to date“, and more.

Credit: TV Daily (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

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PostSubject: Re: About Infinite   Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:43 pm

[NEWS] 120627 Infinte Transforms into “Boys Over Flowers” F4

Infinte Transforms into “Boys Over Flowers” F4

Infinite wore school uniforms and gave off a flower boy look that was comparable to F4 from “Boys Over Flowers!”

For the June 27 show of Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News” the Infinite members wore school uniforms for a knowledge quiz. Infinite has appeared in school uniform commercials before, that is why they fit perfectly into the clothes!

On this day, Sung Jong was voted as the one that looked best in a uniform. On the other hand, Infinite leader Sunggyu was made fun of. Hoya stated, “I think it’s because Sunggyu hyung is older but instead of a student he looks more like a bank teller.”

For the knowledge quiz, Infinite members were asked questions about math, English, and writing. This show will broadcast 9PM KST on June 27.

Credit: Soompi
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About Infinite
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