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 2NE1 was more excited than nervous for comeback

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PostSubject: 2NE1 was more excited than nervous for comeback   Sun Sep 12, 2010 4:39 am

2NE1 made their comeback earlier today on SBS Inkigayo with all three of their title tracks.

On the day of their comeback stage recording, 2NE1 had an interview with Money Today Star News prior to the recording. In the interview, the members shared how they felt about their comeback and the hardship of preparing for three title tracks.

Sandara said , “Because it’s our first full length album since our debut over 1 year ago, I’m thrilled. Although during rehearsal I was a bit nervous, but I’m trying not to be nervous. Right now I’m feeling really good.”

She continued, “I really wanted to come out fast because I felt that our fans have waited for us for a long time. Since we prepared 3 title tracks, we had to 3 times as much dance practice and 3 times as much live practice, so it was very difficult. However, I feel that we have that much more to show so we expect to really properly meet our fans… Each of the 3 title tracks have a different color… I am more excited than nervous at the thought of meeting our fans again. You will see choreography that looks like a scene at a party.”

CL shared, “Since the rehearsals, we’ve been preparing cheerfully. At first, I felt nervous while preparing for our first stage, but today, more than being nervous, I’m only trying to think of ways to make our stage more fun.”

Minzy also revealed her thoughts saying, “Because it’s our first stage in such a long time, I’m more excited than nervous. We tried really hard to completely fill our first broadcast… Since was have 3 title tracks, we really labored through practices. Now, it’s just a feeling of enjoyment for all the members.”

After recording, Park Bom added, “I feel it was an unsparing stage. Please continue to anticipate because we plan to continue to meet our fans through more wonderful stages.“

source: allkpop

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2NE1 was more excited than nervous for comeback
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