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 Seulong’s love is…??

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PostSubject: Seulong’s love is…??   Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:44 am

2Am’s Seulong has recently tweeted about his love.Before you all get excited, his recent tweet and photo show that his love isn’t a person but actually his green frog pillow.Neck pillows are probably one of the most important accessories, for these stars need to survive with all the hard work and long days they have to go through.Seulong tweeted, “I’ve been using you all day! My love, my frog pillow.”Netizens all over the world have replied to his tweet by saying, if only I were that pillow…”, “the pillow fits you well oppa!”, and many other encouraging, slightly envious remarks.
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Seulong’s love is…??
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